British mother and son die in Mont Blanc avalanche in France

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  • Tragic accident on Mont Blanc
  • Mother, son die in avalanche
  • Investigation into cause underway

Mountain rescuers discovered the bodies of Kate Vokes, 54, and her son Archie, 22, beneath the snow in the French Alps on Thursday. In addition to opening an investigation into manslaughter, the cause of the avalanche is also under scrutiny.

A “tragic accident” has left the family of a British mother and son, who were killed by an avalanche on Mont Blanc in France, “beyond heartbroken.”

Mountain rescuers found Archie Vokes, 22, and Kate Vokes, 54, dead beneath the snow on Thursday afternoon near the French Alp resort of Saint-Gervais, close to Chamonix.

In a statement, the family said, “We are indescribable over the loss of our cherished, wonderful Kate and Archie.”

The profound sorrow and void in our hearts that this catastrophic accident has created are indescribable with human language.

Kate was a director of their family-owned property company Bruntwood, chair of the Oglesby Charitable Trust, deputy chair of the Royal Exchange Theatre, and trustee of the charities Shared Health and Focused Care, according to the statement.

Archie, who held the position of a personal trainer at Form in Manchester, had successfully completed his level 1 ski instructor certification in Canada the year prior.

According to officials, the avalanche might have been initiated by two ski tourers who were ascending the slope from where Mr. and Mrs. Vokes were situated.

In addition to opening an investigation into manslaughter, the cause of the avalanche is also under scrutiny.

Tragic Avalanche: Lack of Transceivers and Rescue Efforts

The mother and son were skiing with three other family members, meanwhile, a freelance ski instructor they had known for years accompanied them, according to a statement released on Friday by the Bonneville Public Prosecutor’s Office.

None of the family members wore avalanche transceivers, which emit a silent signal detectable while buried in snow.

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An emergency search and rescue operation involved 20 rescuers, two dog teams, a doctor, and two helicopters.

The crew reportedly rescued an additional injured individual, an instructor, in addition to five others.

Additionally, a 31-year-old hiker perished on an unrelated incline.

A foreign office spokesperson stated following the fatalities, “We are in communication with the local authorities and providing support to the family of two British nationals who perished in France.”

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