Arsenal fan guilty of headbutting ex-Man Utd player

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  • Arsenal fan banned for headbutting Roy Keane
  • Keane assaulted at Emirates Stadium, court trial
  • Richards intervenes; Law’s defense challenged in court

The former Manchester United and Ireland midfielder was accosted by Scott Law, 43, of Waltham Abbey, Essex, at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium on September 3, 2018.

A three-year football ban has been issued to an Arsenal supporter for headbutting Roy Keane during a Premier League match.

On September 3, 2013, Scott Law, 43, of Waltham Abbey, Essex, was convicted of assaulting the former Manchester United midfielder.

The confrontation occurred following Arsenal’s 3-1 victory over Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium, where Keane was employed as a pundit. This information was presented during the trial at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court.

It appeared that Micah Richards, Keane’s colleague and Sky Sports pundit, intervened in social media footage to resolve the dispute.

The confrontation left Keane, 52, “in shock.” “I was merely strolling when I was struck without warning.” I felt the contact and retreated through a series of doors. He informed the court, “I was completely unprepared for it.”

Law, who denied a charge of common assault, testified in court that Keane instructed him to “meet him outside” after the conversation became more aggressive.

Law’s defence team accused Keane of elbowing the defendant in the face in CCTV footage from inside the stadium, which was presented in court.

District Judge Angus Hamilton stated in his verdict that he believed Law had been “untruthful about what happened.”

He continued, “There was no justification for Mr. Keane to single out him.”

According to the magistrate, the former footballer “was calm and not agitated” when he exited the studio.

He stated that Keane’s reputation as the “hard man of football” was “confined to the football pitch” and existed “years ago.

I am confident that Mr Law assaulted Mr Keane.

The verdict was delivered without any reaction from the Law.

He was also required to complete 80 hours of unpaid work and was informed that he must pay legal costs of £650 and a victim surcharge of £114.

Richards expressed his “disbelief” regarding the incident and his “sorrow” for Roy, whom he called a friend.

The 35-year-old refuted allegations from Law’s defence barrister that he had claimed to witness the headbutt as a result of his status as “Roy’s mate” and “stooge.”

He informed the court that he harboured pity for Roy simply because you have arrived at work to perform your duties and had been assaulted.

“I could easily discern that he was experiencing physical distress.” You take the same action as any friend or colleague would: you intervene and attempt to resolve the situation.

He further stated, “It was a surreal experience.” We were not planning to attend a UFC match. We were engaged in our occupation.

Law, situated beneath the Sky Sports Studio during the match, stated that Keane was “angry” throughout the game.

He asserted that Keane “assailed me and instructed me to observe him outside.”

Keane “collided with Law” as he entered the stadium to use the restroom.

Prosecutor Simon Jones KC inquired of Law, “Are you genuinely asserting that Roy Keane collided with the top of your head?”

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Law, who wept during the interrogation, stated, “I lowered my head in a defensive stance to safeguard my face.”

Mr Jones stated that Law’s defence had “substantially altered” from the prepared statement he provided to the police the day following the incident.

Law responded, “I had not slept; I was guilty by media.” When questioned about the apparent discrepancies in this statement, she stated, “I had no sleep.” I had the most dreadful night of my life”.

Law, a civil engineer, declared that he had been an Arsenal fan “from birth” and that his Emirates Stadium season ticket was his “most prized possession.”

He told the court, “It is the primary component of my social circle.” As she anticipates my attendance, arsenal fixtures are the focal point of my wife’s calendar.

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