Andy Murray says he’ll decide on Wimbledon ’till the very last moment’

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  • Murray hopes to return to Wimbledon
  • Unlikely to compete in singles, considering doubles
  • Recovering from spine cyst surgery, aiming for Olympics

Andy Murray has not given up hope of returning to Wimbledon, but he accepts he is unlikely to compete in the singles. The 37-year-old is keen to leave on his terms.

Andy Murray still hopes to play at Wimbledon but accepts it will unlikely be in singles.

The 37-year-old, who has announced that the Olympics in Paris will be his final event, had surgery on a spine cyst on Saturday.

Murray retired after only five games against Jordan Thompson at Queen’s Club last week, citing right leg weakness.

The singles draw takes place on Friday morning, with matches beginning on Monday, and Murray is content to allow himself as much time as possible to make his selection.

Maybe it’s my ego getting in the way, but he added that he deserved the opportunity to make that decision at the very last minute.

Andy murray
Tennis – Queen’s Club Championships – The Queen’s Club, London, Britain – June 19, 2024 Britain’s Andy Murray in action during his men’s singles second match against Australia’s Jordan Thompson Action Images via Reuters/Paul Childs

“The operation went quite well, and I am recovering very well. I hit a few balls yesterday. I’m not in much pain, but nerve damage tends to take a long time to recuperate.

I don’t know how long it will take for the nerve to develop to the point where I can compete or play, whether in three days, three weeks, or five weeks. It is impossible to say.

He has also entered the doubles for the first time with his brother Jamie, and it is his best chance of making a final appearance at Wimbledon.

He stated that it is more likely that he will be unable to play singles now.

I chatted with my brother a couple of days earlier about the doubles to see if he wanted to find someone else to play with, and I was undoubtedly cool with that.

But he also wants the chance to play. Let’s see how the next few days go.

I couldn’t be more unprepared for Wimbledon. But this is how things were intended to be for me.

Murray said that he has been informed that a ” risk is associated” with attempting to play at Wimbledon, and he is considering whether or not he is willing to accept that risk.

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He had a very decent-sized cyst,” he explained, discovered in a scan after the French Open, but “increased dramatically over the next two or three weeks.”

Although the surgery was not significant, the situation was difficult because, if the cyst continues to grow – obviously at Queen’s, I lost strength, coordination, and everything in my right leg on my approach to the court – you’re likely to have further complications, he added.

“I couldn’t risk it because I was having difficulty walking correctly due to nerve compression. So I had to get the operation, but I was told several various estimates for how long it would take.

Murray hopes to compete in singles and doubles with Dan Evans at the Olympics, which will be confirmed next week.

However, Evans’ injury status remains doubtful when he slipped and fell at Queen’s.

If Murray does not qualify for the Olympics, he has stated that he may play another event, such as the US Open, to retire on his terms.

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