Rana Sana claims PTI intends violence during long march, citing Ali Amin Gandapur audio recording.

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Saturday, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah stated that PTI Chairman Imran Khan intended to create a law and order crisis that might lead to conflicts between the public and law forces.

Sanaullah claimed during a press conference in Islamabad that the PTI’s protracted march in the federal capital was intended to “spill the blood of innocent people.”

The minister also released an audio tape, supposedly of the former federal minister and PTI leader Ali Amin Gandapur, to support his assertion that the party was transporting weaponry into the city.

Citing the purportedly leaked recording, Sanaullah accused Imran of planning to “create havoc” in the name of the long march.

Rana sana claims pti intends violence during long march, citing ali amin gandapur audio recording.
Rana sana claims pti intends violence during long march, citing ali amin gandapur audio recording.

In the film, a man thought to be Gandapur can be heard asking an unidentified figure about the number of accessible firearms and personnel. He further requests that “items and people” be kept ready at a site near the Islamabad border.

Sanaullah stated that a forensic audit of the audio recording could be undertaken to confirm its validity, and he requested that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief secretary and police chief take note and “immediately” arrest the two individuals depicted in the clip.

In response to the accusation, Gandapur cited the events on May 25 and stated that the PTI was marching peacefully while the government repressed it.

He has told us again that they will beat us… we have not worn bangles either,” he stated, questioning Sanaullah’s “permission to kill.

“What do you think we will be carrying for you if you defeat us?”

No negotiations: Marriyum

In the meantime, Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb stated that despite the PTI’s “bullying, threats, abuses, and intimidation tactics,” the next general election will go as planned.

She stated at a press conference in Islamabad that Imran should “do what he wants” and that the government will stay oblivious to his pressure-based strategies.

It makes no difference if Imran marches long, short, jumps, or walks.

Commenting on a string of leaked audio recordings in recent days, the minister stated that they “badly flopped” Imran’s conspiracy theory for his removal.

Pti intends violence during long march
Rana sana claims pti intends violence during long march, citing ali amin gandapur audio recording.

There was always the possibility of negotiations in politics, but negotiations are held with politicians, not with foreign-funded street thugs,” she remarked about conversations with the PTI.

Aurangzeb made it clear that there would be no dialogue with those who wished to fulfill their political aspirations through a deadly march.

She expressed alarm over the possibility of an unfavorable situation occurring in Punjab and stated that Imran and the provincial government will be held accountable.

Aurangzeb stated that the nation would advance if every institution operated within the confines of the constitution.

She stated that on the one hand, the government was attempting to revive the economy and strengthen diplomatic ties with the rest of the world, while on the other hand, the “PTI chairman is fostering disorder and anarchy.

The minister claimed that Imran was “pursuing his unfinished mission of destabilizing the country” at a time when the nation was suffering tremendous economic hardships as a result of severe flooding.

The minister noted that celebrations were held in India in response to Imran’s threats on national institutions.

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