New chancellor Rachel Reeves lifts onshore wind prohibition and sets mandated housing targets ‘to get Britain built again’

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  • Chancellor Reeves sets mandatory housing targets
  • Onshore wind moratorium lifted to boost building
  • Labour aims to create 1.5 million homes

Chancellor Rachel Reeves has set mandatory housing targets and lifted the onshore wind moratorium to get “Britain building again.

The UK’s first female chancellor announced that Labour will form a new task force “to accelerate stalled housing sites in our country.”

She stated that Labour’s election plan indicated that her government would create 1.5 million houses over the next five years.

We’re not in the business of going back on our manifesto promises,” she said in her first speech as chancellor after Labour won the election last Thursday.

“We have received a significant mandate. We’re going to fulfil that mandate.”

Labour’s manifesto promised to “immediately” update the National Policy Planning Framework to reverse the Conservatives’ policies, including restoring statutory housing targets.

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During the election campaign, her party promised a 10-year infrastructure strategy to guide investment plans, provide project certainty to the private sector, and establish a National Infrastructure and Service Transformation Authority to monitor programs.

Labour has promised to change planning rules to make building 1.5 million houses, laboratories, gigafactories, and digital infrastructure more accessible.

Before the election, the chancellor warned that the new government would inherit “the worst set of circumstances since World War II” and stated today: “What I have seen over the last 72 hours has only confirmed that.

When asked when people may expect economic development to begin, Ms Reeves responded, “We are now getting on with delivering [growth]. These are our first efforts toward restoring economic development. I mean business, and we’re working to accelerate that growth.

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