Morocco fans’ Doha flights are cancelled, causing anguish

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Hundreds of Moroccan football fans are reportedly unable to get to Qatar for Wednesday’s World Cup semifinal due to last-minute airline delays.

Royal Air Maroc, the national airline of Morocco, planned to operate seven additional flights before the game.

The decision was made after Morocco’s FA promised fans 13,000 free tickets to the match against France.

Morocco fans' doha flights are cancelled, causing anguish
Morocco fans' doha flights are cancelled, causing anguish

Wednesday, it was reported that Qatari officials had halted the flights.

Due to the recent limitations imposed by the Qatari news, Royal Air Maroc regrets to inform clients of the cancellation of their Qatar Airways flights,” the airline said in a statement to Reuters.

In a Monday post on its social media accounts, the airline offered 30 additional flights as part of a “special flight plan” to help fans reach Qatar.

However, linked travel agents later reported that there will be only seven additional flights.

A lot of fans who had previously booked tickets and hotel accommodations were left out of pocket as a result of the cancellations.

Doha flights are cancelled
Morocco fans' doha flights are cancelled, causing anguish

The airline issued a sincere apology and promised to pay passengers.

Several Moroccan expatriates have arrived in Qatar, lured by the prospect of free tickets from the country’s football association.

It is believed that over five million Moroccans dwell throughout the world, with many residing in France.

But as fans arrived at fan centers at the Al Janoub stadium — many covering their heads with Moroccan flags and caps to defend against the heat — they were furious when the FA failed to provide the free tickets that had been promised.

One fan, Zineb Nfati, stated that she traveled from Paris for the game but was unable to purchase a ticket.

“This is a highly symbolic game – France is playing Morocco, and I am half-French and half-Moroccan,” she remarked.

“The issue is that there are no trustworthy sources. There is no solid data available “Ms. Nfati said. “I’m unsure of what my brother and I will do here… I’m heartbroken.”

It is the first time that an African team has reached this round of football’s premier tournament, yet their French opponents are widely favored to proceed to the final against Argentina.

But Morocco coach Walid Regragui, who grew up in Paris, believes his team is optimistic and does not want to “wait another 40 years for an African team” to emerge in the international arena.

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