Montpellier fan clashes kill a boy

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A social media video depicted street crowds and an erratically driving vehicle. In Paris, rival fans had also clashed after the World Cup semifinal.

A kid was killed in riots between France and Morocco fans in Montpellier following the World Cup semifinal.

Montpellier fan clashes kill a boy
Montpellier fan clashes kill a boy

Wednesday, according to a statement made by the local government office, the kid was “violently struck” by a car in the southern French city.

According to the Department of Herault, he was sent to a hospital but died shortly after arriving.

Boy killed in montpellier
Montpellier fan clashes kill a boy

The vehicle was discovered nearby, and authorities are conducting an investigation.

A social media video showed throngs in the roadway surrounding a car being driven erratically.

Fans of France and Morocco also battled in Paris after the game. To disperse the masses, police in riot gear were called for assistance.

France had already qualified for the World Cup final in Qatar by defeating Morocco 2-0. On Sunday, they will face Argentina in the final.

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