Korean ramen is too spicy for Denmark

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  • Denmark recalls Samyang spicy ramen due to high capsaicin levels
  • Samyang denies quality issue, claims recall due to spiciness
  • Danish authorities warn high capsaicin can cause severe poisoning

Denmark has recalled many spicy ramen noodle items made by the South Korean business Samyang, citing concerns that the capsaicin levels could poison consumers.

Three hot flavours from the Samyang instant ramen brand are being discontinued: Buldak Spicy and hot chicken three times, spicy and hot chicken twice, and hot chicken stew.

Denmark’s food agency issued the recall and warning on Tuesday, encouraging people to avoid the product.

However, the maker, Samyang, claims there is no issue with the food’s quality.

According to the manufacturer, the Danish food authorities withdrew the items because they were overly spicy, rather than because they were of poor quality.

Our items are exported all over the world. But this is the first time they’ve been recalled for the aforementioned reason.

It is unclear whether any specific events in Denmark spurred authorities to take action.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration stated that the amounts of capsaicin in a single packet were so high that a customer could experience severe poisoning.

If you have the products, you should discard them or return them to the store where you bought them, according to the statement.

It particularly emphasized the warning for children, for whom very hot foods can be harmful.

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The notification has stirred intense discussion online, with many amusing replies from spicy food enthusiasts. Many have said that the Danes have a limited tolerance for spices.

“I had a Danish friend who felt tasteless breaded shrimp with a small amount of crushed pepper was excessively spicy. “Not surprised they think this ramen is poison,” read one of the most popular comments on a Reddit ramen community.

Samyang stated that it would “closely look into the local regulations” in Denmark before responding.

The noodles do not appear to have been recalled in any other country, and no further safety warnings have been issued.

Capsaicin is the chemical ingredient in chilli peppers that causes a burning sensation.

When humans consume peppers, capsaicin is released into their saliva and binds to receptors in the mouth.

Samyang is a large South Korean food manufacturer that prides itself on being the country’s first to create instant noodles in the 1960s.

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