Israel regrets airstrike, calls Gaza refugee camp deaths ‘mistake’

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  • Airstrike error: 86 killed
  • No apology, regrets casualties
  • IDF vows to learn

Christmas Eve’s assault on the Maghazi camp in central Gaza was among the most violent of the conflict to date. A significant proportion of the deceased were females and infants.

An Israeli government spokesman, Eylon Levy, acknowledged the airstrike that resulted in the deaths of 86 people in a Gaza refugee camp as a “regrettable error.” Levy stated that the incident on Christmas Eve at the Maghazi site was caused by “incorrect munition” and “should not have occurred.” However, he declined to issue an apology for the loss of life, emphasizing that Israel would not repent for its campaign against the Hamas terrorist regime.

Levy confirmed allegations in Israeli media that the Israel Defence Forces had admitted to using the incorrect type of ammunition but did not specify which variety was utilized. He mentioned that any civilian casualties are regrettable, citing that errors are inevitable in the course of war.

Levy reaffirmed that Israel would maintain its military engagement with Hamas until the regime acquiesces and releases the captives seized during the assault on October 7, stating that the conflict might “end tomorrow” if Hamas capitulates. The IDF will “learn lessons” from one of the bloodiest attacks of the conflict, the assault on the Maghazi camp.

IDF Criticized for Civilian Deaths in Gaza Strike

The footage captured extensive devastation, including shrapnel-riddled faces of children in hospitals and people dragging corpses from beneath the rubble. A significant proportion of the deceased were females and infants.

The United Nations, accused by Levy of “funnelling” civilians into “Hamas strongholds,” reported the total number of fatalities. Israel has accused Hamas of concealing itself behind civilians in hospitals and schools, endangering those present. The IDF’s pledge to “learn lessons” from the Maghazi attack has increased criticism of Israel’s behavior.

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According to the United Nations and human rights organizations, civilians are not adequately protected, and Hamas health officials assert that over 21,100 people have been slain in Gaza since the start of the conflict. Even in regions that Israel has instructed Gazanians to seek refuge in, assaults continue to occur.

Levy maintained that the Maghazi attack was an “exception” and that Israel makes every effort to safeguard civilians. He emphasized a preference for civilians to enter protected areas rather than enter Hamas strongholds.

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