Grant Wahl, 48, dies covering a World Cup game in Qatar.

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LeBron James, an NBA basketball legend, paid respect to Grant Wahl, whom he had known since they were teenagers.

An American sportswriter passed away in Qatar while covering the World Cup.

Grant Wahl, a 48-year-old former Sports Illustrated journalist who later went to podcast publishers Substack, passed away while covering Argentina vs. Netherlands event.

FIFA, the governing body of world football, recently honored the journalist for covering eight consecutive World Cups and reacted to the news of his passing with “disbelief and deep regret.

Grant wahl, 48, dies covering a world cup game in qatar.
Grant wahl, 48, dies covering a world cup game in qatar.

2002 Sports Illustrated cover athlete LeBron James offered tribute to Mr. Wahl, who featured him in a cover article.

“I have a great deal of respect for Grant, and it was wonderful to have him photograph the cover of my high school yearbook. He was always a pleasure to be around “he added.

During extra time, Mr. Wahl reportedly fell back in his seat in a section of the stadium reserved for media.

They had requested aid, and although emergency personnel reacted rapidly, they were later informed that Mr. Wahl had passed away.

No other information has been revealed regarding his demise.

His wife, Dr. Celine Gounder, thanked people who “reached out tonight,” adding on Twitter, “I am in full disbelief.”

Mr. Wahl reported last month that he was momentarily arrested while attempting to enter a Qatari World Cup stadium while wearing a rainbow-colored jersey in favor of the LGBTQ community.

In Qatar, same-sex relationships are prohibited.

incarcerated for wearing a rainbow shirt

According to his Twitter account, he was kept for 25 minutes for wearing the shirt, and security guards demanded that he remove the clothing before entering the stadium.

He stated he had declined.

Additionally, Mr. Wahl stated on Monday that he had visited a hospital in Qatar, stating: “My body finally gave out on me after three weeks of little sleep, high stress, and excessive work.

“On the evening of the USA-Netherlands game, what had been cold for the previous ten days morphed into something more severe, and I felt my upper chest take on new pressure and agony.

Us sportswriter grant wahl
Grant wahl, 48, dies covering a world cup game in qatar.

I did not have COVID (I test routinely here), but when I visited the major media center’s medical clinic today, they stated I likely have bronchitis.

“Just a few hours after receiving a round of antibiotics and cough medication, I’m already beginning to feel better. But still: not good.”

The United States engaged senior Qatari authorities.

Friday night, US State Department spokesman Ned Price tweeted: “We are very saddened by the news of Grant Wahl’s passing and extend our condolences to his family, with whom we have maintained regular contact.

We are working with senior Qatari officials to ensure that his family’s requests are met as quickly as feasible.

US Soccer declared: “The whole US soccer community is devastated to learn of Grant Wahl’s passing.

“Fans of soccer and high-quality journalism knew they could always rely on Grant to bring intelligent and entertaining tales about our game and its primary protagonists: teams, players, coaches, and the numerous characters who make soccer a unique sport.”

Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) spokesman stated: “We mourn the passing of the American journalist Grant Wahl.

Grant, who was in Qatar to cover his ninth FIFA World Cup, was renowned for his passion for the sport.

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