Delhi: Six months in prison for those who explode fireworks during Diwali

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People who set off firecrackers in Delhi during Diwali face up to six months in jail, according to the city’s environment minister, as pollution levels in the Indian capital continue to rise.

Those caught exploding firecrackers are also required to pay a fine of 200 Indian rupees ($2.41; £2.15).

The measures are a component of a larger ban on firecrackers that was announced in September to reduce excessive pollution.

Delhi is the most polluted capital in the world.

Multiple variables, including manufacturing emissions, traffic fumes, and general weather patterns, contribute to the city’s high pollution levels.

Delhi: six months in prison for those who explode fireworks during diwali
Delhi: six months in prison for those who explode fireworks during diwali

When farmers in neighboring states burn crop stubble in the winter, the air becomes very poisonous. Low wind speeds trap the pollutants in the lower atmosphere, which worsens the air quality as a result of Diwali fireworks.

The smog-filled air that blankets the city during this time has dangerously high amounts of PM2, also known as fine particulate matter.

5 – microscopic particles that can block the lungs and cause a variety of illnesses.

Before the festival on October 24, the calm winds and steady meteorological conditions are likely to cause the air quality to drop to “very poor” status once again.

On the air quality index or AQI, a score between 301 and 400 is deemed “extremely poor,” while a score between 0 and 50 is deemed “excellent.”

The Delhi government has, for the past two years, prohibited the production, sale, and use of all sorts of firecrackers until January 1.

Delhi: six months in prison for those who explode fireworks during diwali

Environment Minister Gopal Rai announced on Wednesday that anyone found storing or selling fireworks could face up to 5,000 rupees in fines and three years in prison.

He stated that the government has assembled 408 teams of police officers and pollution officers to enforce the regulations. The Times of India stated that hours later, authorities confiscated almost 2,200 kilograms of fireworks from across the city.

On October 21, a public awareness campaign will also be conducted to educate individuals about the ban,” Mr. Rai stated.

However, many have criticized the measure, stating that it is unjust and cruel. Some have referred to the prohibition as anti-Hindu.

“Why do just Hindu celebrations cause pollution? What does it matter if individuals in Delhi set off fireworks for three to four hours?” A member of social media wrote on Twitter.

In India, Diwali fireworks have become a contentious issue over the years, with many Hindus saying that a ban on crackers is discriminatory. Several celebrities who have participated in anti-firework campaigns have also been accused of offending religious sensibilities.

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