Brian Glendinning, jailed in Iraq over Qatar bank ‘debt,’ returns home.

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The 43-year-old construction worker from Fife, who was arrested in September at the Baghdad airport on an Interpol red notice, expressed his relief and happiness at reuniting with his family.

After being incarcerated in a “vile” Iraqi prison for an alleged financial debt, a father has been reunited with his family.

On Saturday, there were emotional moments as Brian Glendinning, a construction worker from Fife, arrived in Edinburgh to be met by his family.

Brian glendinning, jailed in iraq over qatar bank 'debt,' returns home.
Brian glendinning, jailed in iraq over qatar bank 'debt,' returns home.

Mr. Glendinning, 43, was employed at an Iraqi oil refinery before his detention at Baghdad airport on 12 September on an Interpol red notice for an alleged debt owed to the Qatar National Bank.

After flying in from Istanbul, his mother Meta, wife Kimberly, kids Heidi, 16, and Lexi, 12, and brothers John and Lee greeted him at Edinburgh airport.

Mr. Glendinning told reporters at the airport, “I had no idea that this day would arrive so soon.”

He stated that he was now “back home with my family and friends.”

He praised everyone who had supported him and worked for his liberation, notably Radha Stirling, the originator of the Interpol and Extradition Reform (Ipex) initiative, and Douglas Chapman, the member of parliament for Dunfermline and West Fife, who was present at the airport to receive him.

Brian glendinning
Brian glendinning, jailed in iraq over qatar bank 'debt,' returns home.

Mr. Glendinning stated, “Had it not been for the support of my family and friends, Douglas Chapman, and Radha Stirling, I would still be there.”

If it weren’t for the World Cup, I believe I would have made my way to Qatar anyhow.

During his stay in prison, he was unable to shave; according to his brother John, there was only one communal razor in the cell, where Mr. Glendinning was held in “vile” conditions.

Mr. Glendinning quipped, “It’s time to go home and get a haircut.”

His wife stated that he missed her 40th birthday while incarcerated, but his homecoming was “my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one.”

Meta, the 67-year-old mother of Mr. Glendinning, expressed elation and awe at her son’s return.

“I’m ecstatic,” she exclaimed.

I have lived in absolute fear for the past nine weeks.

Lee, his 48-year-old elder brother, admitted: “I did not expect to see him at home. Sincerely, I did not believe I would see my brother again.”

Regarding Mr. Glendinning’s stint in prison, he added, “He was in with the Taliban and murderers, all for £4,000 in debt.

However, the fact that he is now free is astounding.

Ms. Stirling stated, “This is the moment we have been preparing for over the past five weeks, and we are ecstatic to have him back on British soil.

“Before alerting the world about the awful experience he was forced to face at the hands of Qatar, a country that has spent a fortune promoting itself as a tolerant culture, Brian will take some time to recover and recoup with his family.

“Once Brian has slept, we plan to advocate for British safeguards and make Qatar accountable for its serial mistreatment of our citizens,”

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