Berlin’s 1,500-fish AquaDom aquarium explodes

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A colossal aquarium containing one million liters of water has burst into the hotel lobby of the Radisson Blu in Berlin, flooding the hotel and surrounding streets.

The AquaDom, which houses 1,500 tropical fish, is regarded as the world’s largest free-standing cylindrical aquarium at 14 meters (46 feet) in height.

Two individuals were harmed by the glass.

The police reported “extraordinary” damage. The footage revealed an empty tank, water flowing into the lobby, and scattered debris.

Berlin's 1,500-fish aquadom aquarium explodes
Berlin's 1,500-fish aquadom aquarium explodes

Following the incident at 05:50, guests have been removed from the hotel (04:50 GMT).

Outside the Radisson Blu, a mass of rubble lays in front of the front doors, which have been distorted by the force of the exploding tank and now swing at an angle onto the street.

Paul Maletzki and his girlfriend stayed on the fourth floor.

He recounted being awakened by a loud crash and subsequent trembling. When he looked down into the lobby, he noticed water pouring across the floor. Later, armed police removed them and other guests from the hotel.

The Mayor of Berlin, Franziska Giffey, visited the hotel to assess the damage and compared the ruptured tank to a tsunami.

Berlins giant aquadom aquarium
Berlin's 1,500-fish aquadom aquarium explodes

She noted that if the incident had occurred an hour or so later, the lobby and street outside would have been crowded with people, many of whom would have been children.

The aquarium was renovated two years ago, and a glass-walled elevator was installed for the convenience of visitors. Some of the hotel’s rooms are touted as having a view.

The Berlin fire department reported that well than a hundred firefighters were present, although it remained unclear what caused the break.

It was reported that rescue dogs were employed to search the hotel for injured guests, but no one was located.

The police reported that “huge amounts” of water were rushing into surrounding roadways, advising drivers to exercise caution.

According to a police source who spoke with local media, there is no proof that the theft was the product of a targeted attack.

Due to “excessive amounts of water on the road,” the Karl-Liebknecht street in front of the hotel has been blocked by the Berlin public transportation authority. Additionally, tram service in the vicinity was suspended.

The aquarium included almost a hundred distinct fish species.

On its website on Friday, the attraction’s closure was announced, and guests were urged to reschedule their tickets.

AquaDom was inaugurated in December 2003 and was awarded the Guinness World Record as the largest cylindrical aquarium in the world.

During its construction, it reportedly cost about €12.8 million (£11.1 million).

An earlier version stated that the aquarium was operated by SeaLife. Although the aquarium and Berlin SeaLife share the same structure, they are not responsible for the AquaDom.

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