Australia criticizes Qatar’s human rights record first during World Cup.

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Qatar, the host nation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, has been criticized for its treatment of migrant labor, criminalization of same-sex partnerships, and poor human rights record.

Australia is the first team to criticize Qatar’s human rights record in a collective statement.

Sixteen players, including former Arsenal and Brighton goalkeeper Matt Ryan, criticized the host nation’s treatment of migrant workers and the LGBTQ+ population in a film.

“There should be universal values that characterize football. Respect, dignity, trustworthiness, and courage, “skipper Ryan stated.

Australia criticizes qatar's human rights record first during world cup.
Australia criticizes qatar's human rights record first during world cup.

When representing our country, we strive to exemplify these principles.

Since being given this winter’s finals in 2010, Qatar has been criticized for its handling of migrant labor, criminalization of same-sex partnerships, and poor human rights record.

Several Socceroos players, including Jackson Irvine, Bailey Wright, and Jamie Maclaren, as well as the president of the Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) union, Alex Wilkinson, made brief statements in the video.

They agreed that conditions for Gulf workers have improved, but highlighted that reform implementation “remains inconsistent and requires improvement.”

The kafala system, which governed the lives of migrant workers and permitted employers to seize their passports and prevent them from leaving the country, has been substantially abolished in recent years.

A legacy that endures after the final whistle has blown.

Midfielder Jackson Irvine stated, “We have learned that the choice to host the World Cup in Qatar has resulted in the pain and harm of numerous of our fellow workers.

Mr. Wilkinson remarked, “These migrant laborers who have suffered are not mere statistics.”

They exhibit the same tenacity and ambition to pursue a better life as the immigrants who have formed our country and our football.

The team stated that it is collaborating with other organizations to “create a lasting legacy in Qatar” and urged Qatar to construct a migrant resource center.

It also demanded the decriminalization of all same-sex partnerships and “adequate remedy” for individuals who have been denied their rights to better the country’s position.

“These are the fundamental rights that should be granted to everyone and will ensure Qatar’s continuing progress,” the team emphasized.

“In this manner, we can secure a lasting legacy even after the conclusion of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.”

“Do nothing homosexual – is that the message?”

Josh Cavallo, who plays for Adelaide United, is one of the most prominent players to announce his homosexuality to the world.

Former England striker Gary Lineker stated earlier this month that he knows two gay Premier League players and expects that they will come out at the World Cup to send a strong message to Qatar.

Lineker was one of the leading critics of Foreign Secretary James Cleverly on Wednesday after he said that LGBT football fans traveling to the country should “respect the host nation.”

Before Downing Street distanced itself from his remarks, Mr. Cleverly advised supporters to demonstrate “some flexibility and compromise” and to “respect the culture of your host nation.”

Lineker wrote: “Whatever you do, avoid becoming homosexual. Is this the meaning?”

In Group D, Australia will face the defending champions France, Denmark, and Tunisia.

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