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RMT: Half of women transport workers were harassed in 2022

  • Transport Workers Face Harassment
  • Underreporting Due to Doubts
  • Union Survey Reveals Trends

Many did not report incidents due to concerns that their complaints would not be taken seriously, and the majority believed the situation was worsening.

A recent survey reveals that nearly half of female transport workers have experienced sexual harassment on the job.

The RMT Union Survey

The Rail, Maritime, and Transport (RMT) Union interviewed 1,400 female employees in the passenger ferry, bus, and rail industries.

It was discovered that four out of ten individuals had experienced such distressing behavior within the past year. Such incidents include unwanted comments and contact that occurs without consent.

Notwithstanding this, 70% of those impacted refrained from reporting the incidents because they believed their complaint would not be accorded due seriousness.

Perception of Worsening Situation

In addition, the survey revealed that over 80% of women believe sexual harassment on public transportation is worsening.

“Throughout the day, numerous males have been observed pecking at my posterior as they pass by. One woman cited in the survey stated, ‘A night when they are drunk is even worse. I’ve had a group of men grab me and say, ‘Come on, love, sit on my knee!””

Others reported being cat-called, caressed, stared at, forced to participate in awkward conversations, unwelcomingly praised, or having their photographs taken without their consent.

In response to the survey, Mick Lynch, general secretary of the RMT, argued that making women members feel secure could be accomplished through increased staffing and decreased lone working.

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“On the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women, this survey demonstrates that authorities and employers in the public transportation sector have a great deal more to do to combat chauvinism and harassment against women,” he said.

Our female members who engaged and shared their uncomfortable experiences are appreciated.

RMT employers will be held accountable for failing to consistently resist sexual harassment against female employees.

In addition to pay and working conditions, layoffs constituted a central issue in the RMT’s dispute with the train companies. This resulted in an extended strike activity period.

The two parties, however, have recently reached an agreement that may end their protracted dispute.

Mr. Lynch also stated that as part of the agreement, plans for ticket office closures and employment losses have been abandoned. However, the membership still had to vote on the matter.

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