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King Charles laughs at get-well card with dog in head cone

  • King reviews well-wisher cards
  • Monarch receives global support
  • 7,000 messages received

An international outpouring of support has been directed towards the monarch following his recent cancer diagnosis, as evidenced by the messages delivered to Buckingham Palace.

It has been filmed that the King enjoys receiving cards from well-wishers, one of which is a dog bearing the inscription, “At least you don’t have to wear a cone!”

Since being diagnosed with cancer, the 75-year-old monarch has received approximately 7,000 messages of support from around the globe.

King Charles is seen in newly released images and video footage perusing a selection of them while seated at his desk in the Belgian Suite of Buckingham Palace.

One card that caught his attention, in particular, depicted a terrier-like dog in a head cone, recuperating from medical treatment.

Plastic collars are frequently applied to post-operative pets to prevent further aggravation of sutures or wounds.

Other cards that are dispersed before the King include several that bear the inscription “Your Majesty, Get Well Soon,” and those that seem to have been drawn by children themselves.

Numerous individuals have shared their personal encounters with cancer, imparting encouragement through messages like, “Keep a positive attitude and refuse to let it depress you.”

“Never surrender. Be courageous. Avoid exceeding your limits. Speedily recover,” reads a note from a youngster.

Those who have provided their address will receive a token of appreciation via email.

The King was photographed perusing the cards on Wednesday, which coincided with their monthly audience with the prime minister.

Rishi Sunak was “reduced to tears” by the public’s support, he disclosed.

He met the queen for the first time after revealing he had a “form of cancer.”

King Charles notified the prime minister that most of the cards and expressions of affection had moved me to tears.

He further stated, “I have heard that there has been considerably more potential focus on those major, wonderful cancer charities, many of which I have supported for years.”

Since his initial course of treatment in London, the King had been residing primarily at the Sandringham estate in Norfolk.

On 5 February, Buckingham Palace made an official announcement regarding the diagnosis of cancer. It was identified during a prostate enlargement procedure.

The Palace has not disclosed information regarding the cancer’s nature or treatment.

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