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Celebrations upon the coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla

King Charles was inaugurated at his Coronation, the first in the United Kingdom in seven decades.

During a ceremony at Westminster Abbey, the Archbishop of Canterbury placed the St. Edward’s Crown on the cranium of King George II.

The crown was created for King Charles II in the 17th century and is only worn during coronations; therefore, King Charles III is not scheduled to wear it again.

Following the coronation of the King, his wife Camilla was proclaimed queen.

Currently, the couple is returning to Buckingham Palace via the Gold State Coach.

The Coronation began at 11:00 BST and concluded at 13:00 BST, with service as the central theme.

Celebrations upon the coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla

This theme was reflected in King Charles’s oaths and petitions, as well as Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s sermon.

“I have not come to be served, but to serve,” the King declared in his first prayer upon entering the sanctuary.

“We are here to crown a King, and we crown a King to serve,” began the Archbishop’s sermon.

“Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, was anointed not to be served, but to serve. “He establishes the unalterable rule that with power comes the responsibility to serve,” he continued.

In the first stage of the ceremony, Charles was proclaimed the “undoubted King” in the abbey.

The congregation was then instructed to demonstrate their respect and devotion by chanting “God Save the King.”

Despite the music and pledges, there were periods of absolute silence as each phase of the ancient ceremony concluded.

During the most reverent portion of the ceremony, the King was concealed from public view by anointing screens as choristers sang Handel’s Zadok the Priest, which has been performed at every coronation since 1702.

Prince William also pledged his allegiance to King Charles before congregation members were invited to offer their support.

At the instant King Charles was crowned, thirteen locations across the United Kingdom, including London, Edinburgh, and Hillsborough, fired gun salutes, while Westminster Abbey’s bells rang for two minutes.

Meanwhile, the throng on The Mall began to chant “God Save the King” and champagne corks could be heard popping.

There were approximately 2,300 people inside the abbey for the service, which was attended by Prince Harry and his cousins.

There were also celebrity visitors, including actress Emma Thompson and American singer Katy Perry.

Jill Biden and her granddaughter Finnegan arrived in a motorcade of three vehicles. Joe Biden is not in the United Kingdom.

Also present at the abbey were French President Emmanuel Macron, the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and representatives of Commonwealth nations.

Saturday morning, as the King and Queen Consort left Buckingham Palace, a military band played the national anthem, and the masses erupted in thunderous applause.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, arrived on a commercial flight from the United States on Friday and was seen entering the abbey with his cousins Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

It is the first time he has appeared in public with Prince William since the publication of his memoir, Spare.

He was observed departing Westminster Abbey alone in the trunk of a BMW after the service. Prince Andrew was seen driving behind Princess Eugenie and her spouse, Jack Brooksbank, in a car.

It is believed that Prince Harry will return to the United States just hours after the ceremony to rejoin his wife Meghan on the occasion of their son Archie’s fourth birthday.

Nevertheless, despite the very English weather, there was a festive atmosphere on The Mall, with periodic Mexican waves and police and security officers being applauded.

Alexandra Hornyak, 57, of Montreal, Canada, was one of the spectators.

She told, “I’ve known for years that I would want to attend this day, and on the day it was announced, I was driving to the office when my husband called and said ‘May 6’.”

“I was fully aware of what it was. And I immediately called to make a hotel reservation, and we proceeded from there.”

Karen Daly, 54, from Birmingham, remarked, “We could have done this at home, but the atmosphere is so pleasant and everyone is so happy.”

“When the Queen passed away, we were all unable to leave work in time. Therefore, as soon as we learned about the coronation, we made travel arrangements.”

Charles became King of the UK and fourteen other nations in September after his mother Elizabeth abdicated after seventy years.

Months of planning went into the 40th Westminster Abbey coronation celebrations since 1066.

Because the abbey was closed before the event, there were no crowds outside unlike the procession route.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby conducted the service with assistance from Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell.

This week and last week have been filled with rehearsals, the Archbishop of York told.

It was difficult to figure out the choreography since none of us had done this in a very long time.

The ceremony emphasized diversity and inclusion, with more contributions from Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Sikh representatives than any previous coronation.

The Hindu Prime Minister Rishi Sunak read a Bible passage, and music was performed in Welsh, Scottish, and Irish Gaelic.

King Charles and Queen Camilla returned to Buckingham Palace in the Gold State Coach in a mile-long (1.6 km) procession with 4,000 soldiers and 19 military bands.

Who will join the King and Queen for their balcony appearance at the palace is unknown.

Cloudy skies and rain are anticipated for the senior royals’ palace veranda flypast.

Republic, the group advocating for the abolition of the monarchy, attracted a tiny group of protesters to the Coronation.

Approximately six protestors were detained while unloading a van of placards.

There is a vast security operation, with the Metropolitan Police deploying 11,500 officers in its largest single-day deployment in history.

Anti-monarchy groups have protested, but police said “tolerance for any disruption, regardless of its source, will be low.”

The visitor list was condemned for containing Chinese vice-president Han Zheng, who is accused of repressing Hong Kong civil liberties.

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