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Alerts as Storm Agnes sends 80mph winds to large parts of country

  1. Storm Agnes: UK “danger to life” warning.
  2. Yellow wind alert across UK.
  3. Strong winds, travel disruptions expected.

From 10 a.m. on Wednesday until 7 a.m. on Thursday, a yellow wind warning is in effect for the majority of the country, extending from the southwest of England to Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Met Office has given the name ‘Agnes’ to a major storm that is expected to strike sections of the United Kingdom and has issued a “danger to life” warning.

The majority of the nation is under a yellow Storm Agnes warning from 10 a.m. Wednesday to 7 a.m. Thursday.

It stretches from the southwest of England through Scotland and into Northern Ireland.

“Injuries and threats to life from flying debris” are possible, according to the Met Office, which also issued a warning about “large waves and beach material being thrown onto seafronts, coastal roads, and properties.”

It was stated that the “significantly disruptive” winds could cause property damage, power outages, and travel disruptions.

Mark Sidaway, the Met Office’s deputy chief meteorologist, stated, “A deep area of low pressure is forecast to approach southwest Ireland early on Wednesday, then move across northern portions of the United Kingdom before clearing early on Thursday.

“There is some uncertainty regarding the precise track and intensity of this weather system. At this point, inland areas are most likely to experience 50–60 mph winds.”

He added, “On the most exposed coasts and headlands, there is a small possibility of gusts of 80 mph.”

A spokesperson for the RAC stated, “According to the Met Office’s most recent forecast, motorists will experience the brief but intense effects of Storm Agnes later on Wednesday and into Thursday”.

The main characteristic will be strong winds, so drivers who are less confident should avoid coastal and upland routes.

“Avoid being buffeted by driving slowly with both hands on the steering wheel and passing high-sided cars carefully.”

They added: “Anyone towing or carrying loads on the roof should also ensure they’re properly secured before setting out.”

It follows a period of intense rainfall brought on by the remnants of two hurricanes, Lee and Nigel.

Seven days of temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius in September were a first for the UK.

Saturday marked the autumn equinox, the official end of summer and beginning of autumn.

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