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Fans prepare protests as Everton try to use points penalty as fuel

  • Everton faces 10-point deduction
  • Director Thelwell criticizes “unjust” decision
  • Appeals, fan demonstrations planned

Kevin Thelwell, Everton’s director of football, asserts that the club’s 10-point deduction for violating Premier League financial regulations will fuel Sean Dyche’s squad in their battle to avoid relegation.

Everton remains astounded by the gravity of the penalty for exceeding permitted losses by £19.5 million over the three-year period ending in 2021-22. The club plans to lodge its appeal against the severe sporting sanction this week, with demonstrations by Everton supporters starting outside the Premier League headquarters on Friday.

Club Plans Appeal and Fan Demonstrations

Dyche and his squad have remained silent regarding the penalty. This has condemned Everton to nineteenth place, level on points with Burnley, a club capable of initiating a compensation claim. Thelwell, speaking for Everton and his players, described the depth of frustration and resolve at Goodison Park.

“We are astounded by the commission’s utterly disproportionate and unjust decision,” he stated. “We are outraged.” “Until the conclusion of the appeals process, we are unable to comment further on the commission’s findings. Furthermore, the players and manager are prohibited from providing any specific details regarding the commission’s ruling during their forthcoming media duties in the coming days and weeks.”

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“However, the direct and tangible consequences of that ruling on our league standing are readily apparent in the Premier League standings.” Everton returns to competition five spots lower than when they beat Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park.

Silence from Dyche and Players

“The three points earned from that victory, in addition to the seven other points earned diligently throughout the season, may no longer be factored into the table.” However, the solidarity, concentration, and resolve that contributed to accumulating those points during gameplay remain intact. Moreover, they are now fuelled by what the club perceives to be an entirely disproportionate ruling.

Everton, who have won six of their last nine matches across all competitions, now faces their third consecutive relegation challenge due to the decision of the independent commission. Thelwell stated, “The spirit continues to be resolute and powerful.” Sean and the other participants are intently concentrating on the upcoming tasks. Plus, all individuals at Finch Farm are united. We are certain that every Evertonian is following us. We are motivated to persevere by the support we receive, which we continue to perceive as its power.”

Resolute Spirit Amidst Relegation Threat

Everton fans have raised almost £40,000 for Premier League protests since the verdict. In addition to the demonstration in London on Friday, a plane conveying a message to the organisation will fly over the Etihad Stadium on Saturday during Manchester City’s match against Liverpool.

More than 38,000 spectators will be encouraged to display red cards emblazoned with the Premier League logo and the word “corrupt” during Sunday’s televised home match between Everton and Manchester United.

Concerns and Methodology of the Penalty

One of the numerous concerns raised by Everton regarding the independent commission’s conclusions, which rejected a number of mitigating factors including stadium investment and club-provided losses, however, is the methodology employed to calculate the 10-point penalty.

In February, Everton was accused with the breach. August saw an attempt by the Premier League to implement a sanction policy for the incident. As per the league’s sanction proposal, endorsed by its chief executive, Richard Masters. Everton would have incurred a ten-point deduction in addition to a one-point penalty for each £5 million overspent.

After rejecting the Premier League’s disciplinary rules, the independent committee punished 10 points without explanation. The issue will most likely be raised in Everton’s appeal by the club’s solicitors.

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