Spain can send Germany home, but not Japan.

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Dani Carvajal was standing beneath the stand at Al Bayt Stadium, speaking with reporters in the mixed zone, when his Real Madrid teammate Antonio Rüdiger approached him, muttered something in his ear, and then laughed as he departed.

The words were subsequently revealed with a smile, just as everyone had anticipated. “Absolutely, yes,” replied the Spain fullback. He instructed me to defeat Japan.

Spain and Germany had recently tied, leaving the last round of games wide open. Luis Enrique confessed that the national team played well for an hour but then lost control after taking the lead, saw Niclas Füllkrug score an equalizer, and may have been defeated in the end.

Spain can send germany home, but not japan.
Spain can send germany home, but not japan.

In the end, though, the manager believed that Spain was in a favorable position: “Top of the group of death, the only group that drew oohs at the draw.”

Each of the four clubs might still advance. Spain still needs a point to advance, but a victory would guarantee first place. Even though they are in last place, Germany could advance if they defeat Costa Rica; nevertheless, Japan must lose to Spain for Germany to advance.

If the other game finishes in a tie, Germany would need to defeat Costa Rica by at least two goals or by a single goal if they score more than Japan versus Spain.

Send germany home
Spain can send germany home, but not japan.

If this sounds complicated, it’s rather simple: as Rüdiger stated, Germany might genuinely use Spain to defeat Japan. He was not the sole individual. Similarly amused, Dani Olmo disclosed that his RB Leipzig teammate David Raum had made the same request.

A couple of days before their second group game, when they knew a win would qualify them with a game to spare, the Spain midfielder Carlos Soler stated that it was not just about qualifying, although it was the most important thing; it was also an opportunity to eliminate Germany.

He held no animosity against them. There was no animosity, not even a rivalry, only a simple fact. It would be preferable to never have to face them again.

This opportunity was missed, but it is now available again. Well, almost. Now, it is different. The last time it was a consequence of victory; this time it would be a consequence of defeat.

Neither is it straightforward, as the possible permutations are too complex, both from Spain’s and Japan’s perspectives. However, it has not gone unnoticed that a draw between Spain and Japan might result in both teams advancing at the cost of Germany.

The simultaneous play of the final group-stage games is due to the likelihood of certain combinations, which could result in a mutually beneficial pact to eliminate an opponent.

The Disgrace of Gijón, in which West Germany and Austria colluded to play out a 1-0 victory for the former to send both teams through and eliminate Algeria from the 1982 World Cup, triggered this alteration. Luis Enrique’s hometown is Gijón, and he was 12 years old at the time. He tried to enter but did not attend.

A biscotto is also known as a biscuit. Occasionally, this is how the cookie crumbles. However, not this time Luis Enrique stated that fatigue was becoming an issue, and it was noteworthy that he noted Sergio Busquets’ yellow card, which puts him one booking away from suspension.

In addition, finishing second rather than first could be advantageous if you believe that avoiding Brazil in the quarterfinals is a positive outcome. However, the coach stressed Spain will always play to win.

It has been forgotten amidst all the discussion that they could yet go. As for Japan, a tie provides no assurances. With a victory, Spain would be in jeopardy.

Carvajal stated, “[Rüdiger] instructed me to defeat Japan; there is no question that we will win.” We shall do everything in our power to attain our goal of being the best and winning every game.

Olmo concurred: “We always seek victory. If we win, we will advance to the final 16, which is what we desire. Today was unfortunate, but we shall persevere. The feeling is bittersweet.

We lost control of the game after conceding a goal and lost balls that we normally do not lose. We must be more composed and maintain longer periods of possession; we must play as we always have.”

Germany was granted a respite. Costa Rica’s unexpected victory over Japan and equalizer against Spain gives them a chance, even if they may require assistance from teammates. Ilkay Gündogan stated, “If you look at the 90 minutes, a draw is OK, and of course, we’ll take it: now everything is about the final game.”

“The disappointment after that first game was enormous, even for me personally, to be frank. The next day, and even the second day following, it felt needless. Today, achieving a favorable outcome was essential.

The Manchester City midfielder also explained why Germany did not reprise their protest from the first match when they stood with their hands over their lips for the team photo when Manuel Neuer was barred from wearing the OneLove armband in his capacity as captain. “We had a few players who were angry with Fifa because the squad had things planned that were disallowed right before the game.

These guys were upset and frustrated and wanted to make a statement. It was determined after a team meeting that we would perform the gesture against FIFA,” he remarked.

In all honesty, I believe that politics are now finished. Qatar is thrilled to host the World Cup, and as the first Muslim country – I come from a Muslim family – so is the Muslim community. So I believe it is now time to enjoy football.”

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