Part 5 of World Cup 2022 team guides: England

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The scheme

It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that now or never for Gareth Southgate’s England. They have come agonizingly close under the 52-year-old, reaching the semi-finals of the most recent World Cup and losing to Italy on penalties in the Euro 2020 final. If these near-misses are viewed through an optimistic lens, there is a case to be made that glory is attainable if all the pieces fall into place.

Team guides part 5
Part 5 of world cup 2022 team guides: england

Even though the group’s recent performance has been unimpressive, they continue to be exceptionally skilled. Declan Rice and Jude Bellingham are two of the best young midfielders now available, and the creative choices are enviable. Harry Kane is one of the world’s best forwards.

Nonetheless, the feeling that a cycle is drawing to an end persists. The lackluster Nations League campaign, Harry Maguire’s problems, and injuries to Reece James and Kyle Walker pose a potential problem on the right side of the defense, and it may be time for Southgate to leave, even though his contract continues until the end of 2024. The head coach states, “I am aware I will be evaluated based on the results of the World Cup.” “I am not so arrogant as to believe that my contract will protect me.

Southgate acknowledges that the critical moment is nearing. England is under attack strain. There will be rage if they exist in a cowardly manner.

But do not dismiss this team just yet. The recent 3-3 draw with Germany showed signs of life, and a group including Iran, Wales, and the United States should be navigated with relative ease. Southgate believes that a portion of the panic is exaggerated. He has demonstrated his tournament prowess and given favorable conditions, England can win the tournament.

The trainer

Is Gareth Southgate overly pessimistic? Why does he dislike Trent Alexander-Arnold? Is he… a con artist? Or is he the manager who brought England back from the brink, popularised the waistcoat, provided moral authority on a variety of difficult issues, and nearly ended 55 years of suffering?

Part 5 of world cup 2022 team guides: england
Part 5 of world cup 2022 team guides: england

There have always been shades of grey. Southgate is not flawless; he may be overly cautious, and many supporters have turned against him. Overall, he has performed well and still commands the respect of his teammates. Even the haters must concede that Southgate may yet be The One.

Star athlete

Much will depend on Harry Kane’s performance. Tottenham’s captain has had a lengthy absence from injury and has been in goal-scoring form. England will hope he is in peak physical condition. Working with a new physio has improved Kane’s body, and the fact that he is two goals shy of Wayne Rooney’s England record serves as further motivation for the 29-year-old. In Qatar, it would be surprising if Kane did not surpass Rooney.

Unsung hero

Declan Rice is a required selection. The England defense benefits greatly from the West Ham captain’s ability to let others play and his aptitude for being in the right place at the right time. This defense cannot afford to be unprotected by Rice. His ball-winning skills are unparalleled, and his positional discipline should allow Bellingham to advance. Considering Rice’s efficient passing range, it is evident why Southgate has come to rely on him.

Qatar position

The Football Association has pledged to contact Fifa over the creation of new labor rules in the gulf state, has demanded that any worker injury or death be paid, and would advocate for the establishment of a Migrant Workers’ Centre in Qatar. However, neither Southgate nor Kane have issued comments of condemnation.

World cup 2022 team guides
Part 5 of world cup 2022 team guides: england

Jordan Henderson called Qatar’s human rights record “shocking, frustrating, and horrendous” after he and his fellow players received a full briefing on the issue. However, any protests during the tournament will likely be restricted to Kane wearing a rainbow-colored “OneLove” captain’s armband.

National anthem

It carries out its advertised function. The origins of the lyrics and song are unknown, other than the fact that they date back to the 17th century, yet the meaning is universally understood. The only thing to keep in mind this time is a tiny phrasing change: after the Queen’s death in September, the players will need to remember to sing “God Save The King” instead. It is the best approach to ensure that King Charles sends them into battle victorious.

Legendary cult hero

Since Paul Gascoigne broke down in tears in Turin 32 years ago, the time has passed. The midfielder captivated the public’s imagination during Italia 90, and he could not hide his disappointment when he was cautioned in England’s semi-final loss to Germany.

The booking would have thrown Gazza out of the final and his inconsolable reaction made people warm to him. His incredible volley against Scotland at Euro 96 exemplified his skill the most. He was that uncommon thing, a renegade talent who truly became a force for England. If only his studs had been longer when England again fell in the semifinals against Germany…

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