India-Pakistan T20 World Cup match triggers New York security boost

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  • New York increases security for India-Pakistan ICC match
  • 100 extra officers assigned; no credible threat now
  • First-time USA hosts ICC World Cup; heightened vigilance

The governor of New York has announced that security measures will be “heightened” in anticipation of the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup, particularly in anticipation of the high-profile match between India and Pakistan at Eisenhower Park in Long Island.

On June 9, the Nassau County Stadium in Eisenhower Park, Long Island, will host a Group A fixture between the South Asian rivals. The event is anticipated to be a sellout, drawing tens of thousands of cricket enthusiasts to New York.

Governor Kathy Hochul posted on X on Wednesday that her team has been collaborating with federal and local law enforcement to ensure the safety of attendees in anticipation of the @cricketworldcup. However, she also stated that there is “no credible threat at this time.”

Hochul stated that she had requested that the state police increase security measures, and the state will “continue to monitor” them in the weeks leading up to the tournament.

‘The most extensive security measures we have ever taken’

Nevertheless, Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder stated that the department will not take any chances.

“Everything is credible when you have a game and a crowd as large as this,” he stated to CBS News on Wednesday.

In April, the World Cup received a threat associated with ISIL in Afghanistan, as well as more specific threats regarding the India versus Pakistan match. Ryder stated that his department has implemented “many, many precautions.”

“We are, in addition to ensuring the safety of the stadium and the surrounding Eisenhower Park, as well as the parking areas and watch areas, incorporating 100 additional police officers into our standard staffing for the rest of the county as a precautionary measure,” he informed CBS News.

Ryder stated, “We will meticulously examine every aspect of the security and safety of the residents of Nassau County.”

“I can assure you that this is the most extensive security measure that we have ever implemented in the history of this county. Additionally, I can assure you that the most secure location in Nassau County on June 9 will be within the stadium.”

A bulletin from the New York City Police Department underscored the significance of the game: “The tournament and related events in New York City could be viewed by extremists as an opportunity to commit acts of violence or disruption.” Similarly, ABC News cited the bulletin.

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The bulletin was quoted as stating that “recent pro-ISIS propaganda, which specifically referenced the upcoming India-Pakistan match at this major event, raises concerns and reinforces the need for heightened vigilance” among security partners.

For the first time, the United States and the West Indies are hosting the ICC World Cup. The purpose-built modular stadium in New York will host half of the 16 matches that will be played in the United States.

The inaugural game of the tournament will be played in New York on June 3. It will feature a Group D match between Sri Lanka and South Africa. The final game will be played on June 12, when the host nation will face off against India.

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