Harry Kane may ditch ‘OneLove’ wristband over booking fears

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On Monday, England’s players will take a knee before their match against Iran, but Harry Kane must decide whether to promote LGBTQ+ rights by wearing the “OneLove” rainbow captain’s armband despite concerns that the gesture could result in an immediate booking.

In the latest absurd World Cup development, it has been proposed that referees in Qatar may have little choice but to admonish captains wearing the “OneLove” armband.

Fifa has mandated that captains wear a new armband on each match day to promote social messages such as “Football unites the world,” “Share the food,” and “Bring the moves.” It could even dispatch an official into the locker room before matches to remove any “OneLove” armbands.

Harry kane may ditch 'onelove' wristband over booking fears
Harry kane may ditch 'onelove' wristband over booking fears

England and Wales intended to defy Fifa by donning rainbow armbands. In September, the Football Association informed the game’s governing body of its intentions but received no answer.

The FA had suggested it would be willing to pay a fine and has been seeking clarification on whether Kane may start the game with a yellow card if he leads England against Iran, but the governing body has not responded.

Because there is no precedence, it has been suggested to the FA that Fifa might have complete discretion in determining the sanction for a violation of equipment restrictions. The FA hopes that Fifa will make a definitive decision on Monday morning to provide the players with as much time as possible to prepare for the match. Fifa has been asked for a statement.

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Harry kane may ditch 'onelove' wristband over booking fears

Kane emphasized his desire to wear the captain’s armband before England’s opening Group B match against Iran. The striker stated, “As a squad, personnel, and organization, we’ve made it plain that we want to wear the armband.”

“I am aware that the FA is currently in discussion with Fifa, and I am certain they will have decided by tomorrow’s game time.” I believe we’ve made it very obvious that we wish to wear it.”

Gareth Southgate agreed with such statements. “I am aware that discussions are taking place,” England’s head coach stated. “I believe that several European nations have spoken. We’ve made our viewpoint plain. Hopefully, all issues will be rectified before the game.”

Wales continues to plan for Gareth Bale to wear the rainbow armband against the United States on Monday, while Bernd Neuendorf, the president of the German football federation (DFB), has stated that Germany is prepared to be penalized if Manuel Neuer wears it against Japan on Wednesday.

The DFB is however concerned that Neuer may be booked. Two cautions in separate matches result in a ban for the next game, whereas a single caution is removed after the quarterfinals.

Virgil van Dijk is concerned about the repercussions of wearing the armband against Senegal on Monday. “I shall wear the one love armband,” stated the captain of the Netherlands. Nothing has changed from our perspective. If I were to receive a yellow card for wearing it, we would need to discuss the matter, as I dislike playing while on a yellow card.

The expectation is that Van Dijk will wear two armbands, including the official Fifa one. Before kickoff, England’s players will indicate their opposition to discrimination by kneeling. Sunday’s training was preceded by a discussion on the subject.

Southgate stated, “We feel we must.” We believe it will send a strong message around the world, especially to young people, that inclusivity is essential.

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