Australia beat Samoa to win the Rugby League World Cup.

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There are other competitors in the annals of rugby league history, but this may be the most dominant day in Australia’s long and distinguished history. In terms of narratives, plot lines, and the stories told, no two Rugby League World Cups are identical.

They are thrilling rollercoaster rides, and the ones this year have been no exception. But more often than not, the concluding chapter is the same, and this was the case at Old Trafford once again.

Australia beat samoa to win the rugby league world cup.
Australia beat samoa to win the rugby league world cup.

The mere numbers are scary. 11 of the last 12 men’s World Cups have been won by Australia. They allowed only eight tries during the entire competition. Throw in the fact that the Jillaroos won their third consecutive World Cup earlier in the day with a 50-point victory against New Zealand, and there is no sign of the green and gold domination in male and female rugby league coming to an end shortly.

There is a consensus among the rest of the international game that the Australian government must be more inclined to host Kangaroos matches. Yes, the pandemic has hampered rugby league around the world, but the fact that Australia has not played a single Test since 2019 before this World Cup demonstrates the indifference with which their leadership treats the international game. Whether this current triumph will change remains to be seen, but Australia must play more frequently in the years leading up to the 2025 World Cup.

Holding off spirited samoa
Australia beat samoa to win the rugby league world cup.

Perhaps the most disheartening aspect was how predictable everything seemed. The rugby league world was enthralled by the story of Samoa, an island nation of just over 200,000 people, reaching the final for the first time. The Kangaroos, though, ate that narrative for breakfast, spat it out, and then sauntered their way to yet another World Cup triumph. There was no lack of effort on the part of Matt Parish’s team, but the result was predictable.

The winning coach, Mal Meninga, exclaimed, “It’s amazing!” “The first half was excellent, and we accomplished our objectives. In the second half, despite being a man down, we scrambled brilliantly and still scored points. I wasn’t nervous because I have faith in this football team.”

Australia beat samoa to win the rugby league world cup.
Australia beat samoa to win the rugby league world cup.

At halftime, leading 14-0, the Kangaroos thought they had Samoa at arm’s length. Samoa possessed the ball more in the early exchanges, but you sensed the Kangaroos would make them pay when they failed to capitalize. Latrell Mitchell scored after forcing his way through the defense, and five minutes later, a break by Josh Addo-Carr led to James Tedesco’s goal.

Tedesco, the Australian captain who was playing for Italy in the previous World Cup, made the most significant contribution to this game. Meninga remarked, “He was fantastic and definitely on his game tonight.” We required him. Liam Martin then crossed for the Kangaroos to make the score 14-0 at the break; while Samoa had fought hard, there was little doubt they had been outplayed in the vital moments.

However, this nation can reflect on an unforgettable tournament.

They have hopefully paved the way for additional Australian-born players to commit to Pacific nations, which in the long run could help the Kangaroos reduce the gap. It could be seen in the future as a watershed moment for the sport.

Parish stated, “It’s been a tremendous adventure.” “I would want to thank all Samoans around the world for their support of this team. The support we’ve received from around the globe has been incredible.”

However, his side failed when it meant the most. Cameron Murray’s try while Australia was reduced to 12 men after Angus Crichton’s elbow on Chanel Harris-Tavita, which could have easily resulted in a red card, highlighted the quality gap. Brian To’o and Stephen Crichton, the player who broke English hearts in the semi-finals last week, scored tries to give Samoa at least two memorable moments.

They were, however, merely comfort. Tedesco scored his second try five minutes following To’o’s before Mitchell did the same in the final seconds.

The full-time festivities are ones we are accustomed to seeing now. Who is capable of stopping the Kangaroos? The current answer appears to be no one.

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