5 lessons from Pakistan’s phoenix-like World Cup 2022.

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This is a victory for those optimistic mathematicians who, after having scenario after scenario removed from their list, did not give up on their dreams.

Pakistan defeated Bangladesh by five wickets to advance to the World Cup semi-finals in 2022 and preserve their hopes. Here are five lessons we’ve learned from their surprise resurgence:

1- Finally, a grin was extracted from Lady Luck.

Pakistan has risen from the dead, resembling Lazarus, the phoenix, and all other immortal creatures. And the credit for their resurgence does not go to them, as they had done numerous things to shoot themselves in the foot.

5 lessons from pakistan's phoenix-like world cup 2022.
5 lessons from pakistan's phoenix-like world cup 2022.

To Lady Luck, they owe everything. Were it not for South Africa’s shocking loss to the Netherlands, we would have been writing and you would have been reading the obituary of Pakistan’s World Cup campaign rather than its resurrection.

This is also a victory for those optimistic mathematicians who, while being judged by the rest of us realists, continued to dream despite having scenario after scenario removed from their list.

2- Dare we say?

A World Cup in Australia, a big, world-class left-arm pacer heading the assault, a devastating loss to start the tournament, a loss to India, and, when all appeared lost, a stunning stroke of luck at the expense of South Africa to keep the team alive. At the MCG, Australia might face New Zealand in the semifinals and England in the championship match.

5 lessons from pakistans
5 lessons from pakistan's phoenix-like world cup 2022.

I’m very certain we’ve all heard this story before.

But let’s just quit right here so we do not get blamed. Does anyone know whether or not Babar Azam is interested in politics? Please let us know in the comments.

3- An idiom for Shaddab

There have been only a handful of positives for Pakistan in this tournament thus far. Shaddab Khan has been one of them. His aggressive stroke against Zimbabwe undoubtedly contributed to the subsequent collapse against Zimbabwe, but other than that, he has been virtually flawless.

Similarly, against Bangladesh, his dismissal of Soumya Sarkar halted the Tigers’ innings and helped Pakistan reduce them from 73-1 to 127-8.

5 lessons from pakistan's phoenix-like world cup 2022.
5 lessons from pakistan's phoenix-like world cup 2022.

With 10 scalps, the all-rounder is Pakistan’s leading wicket-taker in the competition. As evidenced by his economy rate of 6.22, he is also exceedingly difficult to hit. This is despite him being a leggie. His knock of 52 against South Africa with the bat also flipped the match on its head.

If the World Cup ended today, Shadab would be Pakistan’s most valuable player.

4- No pressure

In addition to keeping Pakistan’s World Cup hopes alive, the recent series of lucky events has relieved this team of any pressure. The Green Men were already deceased and interred. The majority of their diehard followers and vicious television commentators back home had already given up on them, so what lies ahead is a bonus.

There are neither genuine expectations nor the accompanying pressure, to which our players are so susceptible. The worst is now behind us. There is no shame in losing in the semi-finals to the hot favorites and slayers of the mighty Australians, New Zealand.

It is more of a win-it’s-okay situation than a win-win situation. It is also a luxury that none of the other three teams possess. New Zealand has never won anything, England has only won it once, and India carries the hopes of almost a billion cricket fans.

On the other side, Pakistan’s 200 million or more supporters have more pressing domestic concerns. At this stage, only winners will receive consideration. A defeat would generally be overlooked.

5- Required relief for a weary nation

Pakistan has endured a difficult week for reasons outside the scope of cricket analysis. On this front, though, the worst is likely not over. There will be more; there always is.

In the midst of it all, The Netherlands presented Pakistani supporters with an unexpected gift. With the victory over Bangladesh, Sunday was much more enjoyable. Sunday finally feels like Sunday.

Here’s hoping for more Sundays like this one.

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