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Amazon to Introduce Ads on Prime Video in 2024; Ad-Free Option Available at a Higher Cost

  1. Amazon Prime Video Adds Ads
  2. Optional Ad-Free Subscription
  3. Following Netflix, Disney+ Model

Amazon Prime Video users will soon encounter advertisements during shows and movies unless they opt for a more expensive ad-free subscription tier.

The tech giant announced that ads will make their debut in the US, the UK, Germany, and Canada in early 2024, followed by France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and Australia later in the year.

Users who prefer an uninterrupted viewing experience will have the option to pay an additional $2.99 (£2.50) per month. This move has sparked criticism from some users who perceive it as a profit-driven decision.

Amazon’s decision follows in the footsteps of rivals like Netflix and Disney+, both of which introduced ads to their lower-cost subscription options within the past year.

These competitors incorporate ads before and during their content, akin to traditional commercial TV channels, and it is anticipated that Amazon will adopt a similar approach.

The multi-billion-dollar company revealed this news towards the end of a blog post on Friday.

“To continue investing in compelling content and sustaining increased investments over the long term, starting in 2024, Prime Video shows and movies will feature limited advertisements,” the company stated.

“We aim to have significantly fewer ads compared to traditional linear TV and other streaming TV providers.”

Some disgruntled Prime users took to Twitter to express their displeasure, with one user stating that ads “disrespect and deface the original creations.”

He went on to say, “The term ‘greedy’ hardly does justice. Do they assume we’ll just comply?”

Another user questioned, “Isn’t Amazon already making enough money from us? They can easily afford a slight reduction in their billions in profit.”

Amazon Prime Video is one of the perks available to Amazon Prime subscribers, who pay for the tech giant’s premium subscription service.

Amazon clarified that the current price of Prime will remain unchanged. Therefore, customers comfortable with ads while watching Prime Video will not incur additional costs. However, those who prefer an ad-free experience will need to pay an extra fee.

In the US, this fee will be an additional $2.99 per month, with the amount for users in other countries to be confirmed later.

The US Prime subscription costs $14.99/month or $139/year, while the UK subscription is £8.99/£95.

Amazon assured that it will email Prime members several weeks prior to the introduction of ads on Prime Video, providing information on how to opt for the ad-free option if they desire it.

It’s important to note that live event content, such as sports, will continue to include advertising even for subscribers of the ad-free plan, Amazon stated.

The streaming industry has experienced a slowdown in new sign-ups due to subscribers dealing with high inflation and interest rates, resulting in reduced spending on entertainment and discretionary expenses.

Amazon, like other companies in the industry, seeks to maximize revenue from its video streaming service, following the footsteps of Netflix and Disney+ by introducing ads, which generate millions in revenue from advertisers.

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