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South Korean BTS star Suga joins military.

  • Suga from BTS starts military service.
  • BTS members fulfill their commitment.
  • Uncertainty surrounds Blackpink’s contract.

South Korean sensation Suga, a prominent member of the globally acclaimed boy band BTS, has officially begun his mandatory military service, as confirmed via his social media update.

Suga, known by his real name Min Yoon-gi, is the third member of BTS to embark on this commitment, following Jin and J-Hope.

In his online statement, he expressed his dedication, saying, “I will faithfully fulfill my duties and return.”

Due to South Korea’s ongoing technical state of war with North Korea, all able-bodied men are obligated to serve in the military before turning 28.

For a while, there were speculations that the government might exempt BTS members from this service, considering their substantial contributions to the nation’s economy. However, in October of last year, all seven BTS members announced their intention to serve.

Jin, as the eldest, initiated his service in December 2022, undergoing training at a frontline boot camp.

Suga, on the other hand, will serve in a different capacity, as South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported him as “unfit for regular combat duty” due to previous shoulder surgery in 2020.

In his farewell message on WeVerse, Suga expressed gratitude to his fans: “I have come this far because of you. The time has now arrived. Take care in the chilly autumn weather, stay healthy, and I’ll see you all in 2025.”

This development coincides with the recent contract renewals of all seven BTS members with their K-pop agency, Big Hit Music, hinting at a full group promotional period for BTS in 2025.

Concurrently, fans of the female counterpart, Blackpink, are awaiting updates on their contract renewals, as their deal with YG Entertainment concluded earlier this year. YG’s shares faced a 13.28% drop amid reports that three of the four Blackpink members intend to sign with other labels while remaining active in Blackpink activities for six months each year. YG Entertainment has yet to confirm the contract renewal status.

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