Tories want modern slavery rules changed to send ‘bogus asylum seekers’ home.

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A group of Conservative MPs wants to make it easier to deport “bogus asylum seekers” to their villages.

A group of more than 50 members of parliament has written to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, requesting him to pass emergency legislation that will restrict Channel crossings by small boats.

The group, which includes former cabinet ministers, has urged for the swift implementation of a “simple” modification in the legislation governing contemporary slavery to make it simpler to repatriate “fake asylum seekers” who claim to be victims of trafficking.

Mr. Sunak and Home Secretary Suella Braverman are under pressure to restrict border crossings and improve conditions for asylum seekers in the United Kingdom.

Tories want modern slavery rules changed to send 'bogus asylum seekers' home.
Tories want modern slavery rules changed to send 'bogus asylum seekers' home.

In a letter drafted by former Brexit secretary David Davis, Tory backbenchers describe Channel crossings as a “Gordian Knot” that must be untied with a straightforward strategy.

The signatories, including Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the important 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers, demand that “economic migrants” from “safe nations” such as Albania are repatriated more promptly.

They suggest that “those claiming to have been unwilling victims of human trafficking or contemporary slavery” should be repatriated to their villages.

It is also proposed that the United Kingdom joins other nations in permitting the swift rejection of asylum requests from applicants from safe countries.

Conservatives wrote: “If they were truly seized against their will, they would have no reasonable objection to being returned to their homes.

“The peculiarities in our modern slavery rules that preclude this are manifestly contrary to the law’s intent and should be eliminated.”

“Unbearable stress”

They say that the “straightforward and legally practicable approach to tackling the situation” would be a “very powerful deterrent” for those considering attempting the dangerous crossing.

And they claim that the British mechanisms, which were “intended to provide charitable support to people who legally want our assistance,” have been placed under “intolerable stress” by individuals who are abusing the system.

Former cabinet ministers Dr. Liam Fox and Esther McVey, as well as the longest-serving MP, Sir Peter Bottomley, all signed the letter, demonstrating the Conservatives’ concern that failure to address the issue will cost them at the polls.

Downing Street stated that it is appropriate for the government to “explore additional means of strengthening the system.”

The PM’s official spokesperson told reporters, “I cannot comment on a proposal reported by backbench MPs, but from the government’s perspective, we do recognize that there continue to be illegitimate claims and individuals who seek to manipulate the system, and it’s right that we look at other ways to strengthen the system.”

People should not enter the United States illegally from secure countries.

As you can see from last week’s data, we provide safety to tens of thousands of people from many regions of the world, and it is only appropriate that we devote our resources to them rather than those who want to enter illegally.

Concerns have also been raised over the possibility that some migrants relocated from the Manston processing center in Kent to other regions of the country may have been infected with diphtheria.

The Sunday Times reports that there have been scores of suspected cases among persons who have recently fled Manston.

Monday evening, the Health Security Agency of the United Kingdom is anticipated to announce the exact data.

Ms. Braverman has been criticized for the deplorable circumstances in Manston and for failing to prevent the dangerous crossings of the English Channel by small boats.

This Monday, she agreed that the government has “failed to police our borders” but blamed the overcrowding in Manston on desperate refugees and human traffickers.

“I will explain who is at fault. It is evident who is at fault. It is the individuals who violate our regulations by unlawfully entering the country, exploiting vulnerable people, and attempting to dampen the goodwill of the British people. That is the culprit, “She informed the lawmakers.

No single solution

A source from the Home Office stated that Ms. Braverman is “working tirelessly alongside the prime minister to implement policies to curb the flow of migrants across the English Channel.”

After experiencing significant congestion earlier this month, the Home Office said last week that there were no longer any occupants at the Manston center.

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