Rishi Sunak will present a worldwide economic strategy to Putin’s right-hand man during the G20 summit.

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Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, this will be the first time a British prime leader has met with a member of Vladimir Putin’s cabinet. As international leaders face off with the Russian foreign minister, tensions are expected to rise.

At this week’s G20 conference, where he will face the Russian foreign minister and criticize Vladimir Putin’s dictatorship, Rishi Sunak will present a five-point economic action plan to combat global instability and the rising cost of living.

The prime minister will go to Bali for discussions with the heads of the world’s largest economies, marking his second test on the international arena since assuming office less than a month ago, following his quick visit to the COP27 climate talks in Egypt.

Rishi sunak will present a worldwide economic strategy to putin's right-hand man during the g20 summit.
Rishi sunak will present a worldwide economic strategy to putin's right-hand man during the g20 summit.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, US Vice President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron, and Chinese President Xi Jinping will all participate in the talks.

All of them are slated to encounter Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Despite Russia’s membership in the G20, President Putin is likely to miss the conference in response to the censure of his war in Ukraine.

Mr. Sunak cautioned that this year’s G20 summit will not be “business as usual” because the globe faces the most serious set of economic difficulties since the first G20 summit in 2008, which was held in reaction to the global financial crisis.

The prime minister stated that during the first meeting between a British prime minister and Russian government officials since the invasion began in February, he will “call out Putin’s regime.”

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Rishi sunak will present a worldwide economic strategy to putin's right-hand man during the g20 summit.

Before Mr. Sunak’s trip to Indonesia, his official spokesman stated: “We will surely take advantage of any chance to address Russia regarding their ongoing criminal actions.

We shall speak with one voice with our allies on this matter.

It is set to be the most contentious G20 summit ever, as tensions between the world’s 20 largest economies are so profound that the annual “family photo” of all the leaders has been canceled because many leaders do not wish to be photographed with Putin’s dictatorship.

Diplomats have expressed reservations that, as is customary, leaders will be able to produce a joint communiqué after the summit.

While the majority would prefer to agree on a statement denouncing Russia, this will not occur because Russia would have to agree.

The position of the United Kingdom will not be affected by the presence or absence of a communique, according to Mr. Sunak’s spokesman, who added, “We will ensure that the United Kingdom’s position is heard loud and clear throughout the summit, and we are confident that we will be speaking in line with a wide range of allies.”

Mr. Sunak will present a five-point economic strategy containing the following:

• His fellow leaders should direct government assistance where it is most needed – in their nations and globally

• An stop to the weaponization of food production and distribution, including a request for the Black Sea Grain Initiative to be renewed on November 19 and a G20-wide pledge to never use food as a weapon again

• Strengthen each nation’s energy security and minimize its energy dependence on Russia by working with partners to expedite the transition to green energy.

• The liberalization of global commerce, including the promotion of bilateral free trade agreements and the reform of the World Trade Organization, to “unlock the opportunities of the 21st century while combating the manipulation of global markets by bad actors

• Honest, dependable financing to assist developing nations in growing sustainably by guaranteeing that the international financial system can assist these nations in growing without making them dependent on lenders.

Mr. Sunak will meet Mr. Biden for the first time, and the two are scheduled to undertake bilateral meetings. However, the US president’s top objective is likely to be establishing “red lines” with President Xi, since US-Chinese ties remain tense.

The prime minister is also scheduled to meet with India’s prime minister Narendra Modi, Japan’s premier Fumio Kishida, the new prime minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese, and Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman.

After a turbulent few months in British politics, which saw three prime ministers in two months, Mr. Sunak will be eager to use the summit to reestablish the country’s reputation for dependability and stability.

Mr. Sunak’s spokesman stated that the meeting will also provide an opportunity to influence the international agenda before the chancellor’s autumn address on Thursday.

The Prime Minister stated: “Later this week, the autumn statement will outline how we will get the country back on track, stabilize public finances, and reduce debt.

“Developing a robust international system that protects the most vulnerable will be a crucial component of this effort.

“But tackling the most significant economic crisis in a decade will require a joint effort from the world’s top economies – these are not challenges that we can fix on our own.

Putin has exploited for years the flaws in the international economic system, which must be addressed at the G20.

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