Refusing National Service won’t lead to prison

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  • No prison for refusing National Service
  • Teens can choose military or volunteer service
  • Policy funded by reallocating Prosperity Fund

The Conservatives’ inaugural policy commitment of the election campaign would allow teenagers to participate in military service or volunteer for a year.

The home secretary has stated that under a Conservative government, no one would be sentenced to prison for refusing to participate in National Service.

On Saturday, Rishi Sunak, the Conservatives’ inaugural policy declaration of the general election campaign, declared that he would implement a novel form of compulsory National Service for 18-year-olds if his party secures the vote in July.

They would be able to choose a full-time military placement for 12 months or a program that involves volunteering for one weekend per month for a year.

The military option would be selective; however, there are concerns regarding the potential consequences for teenagers who decline either option.

Home Secretary James Cleverly stated, “There will be no criminal sanctions; no one will be incarcerated due to this.”

He further stated that “nobody will be compelled to participate in the military element,” but those who do will receive compensation. Conversely, those who elect to volunteer will not receive compensation.

Mr. Cleverly stated that the primary objective of the policy is to ensure that individuals interact with individuals outside of their immediate social circle to foster community cohesion.

National service
Refusing national service won't lead to prison

“Those who opt for the military option will be incentivized to enlist in the military” after serving with the Armed Forces for one year, he stated.

Mr. Cleverly stated, “Our objective is to establish a society in which individuals interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds, religions, and income levels, as well as with those from their communities.”

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The primary objective is to assist in establishing a cohesive society in which individuals interact with those outside of their immediate circle.

According to the Conservatives, the National Service program would be funded by cash previously allocated to the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and a reduction in tax avoidance and evasion. The program is expected to cost £2.5 billion annually.

However, Liz Kendall, Labour’s shadow work and pensions secretary, accused the policy of “yet another unfunded spending commitment.”

She stated on Sunday Morning With Trevor Phillips, “The UK Prosperity Fund is intended to address economic inactivity and assist individuals in reentering the workforce. Consequently, this undermines another of their arguments.”

This is a headline-grabbing farce, an unfunded commitment.

She further stated that it fails to address the significant obstacles that young people encounter and that Labour has a “fully cost, fully funded plan to provide young people with the genuine opportunities they require to develop.”

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