Natalie Elphicke: Tory MP attacks Rishi Sunak, goes Labour

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  1. Conservative MP Natalie Elphicke defects to Labour Party
  2. Criticizes Conservatives for incompetence and broken promises
  3. Labour faces backlash, invites her despite controversies

Natalie Elphicke, a Conservative MP who defected to the Labour Party, stated that the Conservative Party had “become synonymous with incompetence and division.”

The MP for Dover stated in a statement released just as PMQs began that housing and border security were the deciding factors in her election.

Rishi Sunak, she claimed, had “broken promises” and abandoned crucial commitments.

Rishi Sunak has defected to Labour for the second time in under two weeks, following Dan Poulter’s departure from the Conservatives.

At the upcoming general election, Labour will retain their current candidate in Dover and Deal, while Mrs. Elphicke will resign.

Following boundary modifications, the constituency replaces Dover, where Mrs. Elphicke held a 12,278-vote majority at the previous election.

Conservative Transport Minister Huw Merriman described himself as “completely astounded” by Mrs. Elphicke’s defection and labeled her “opportunistic.” Other Conservative Members of Parliament expressed astonishment as well, given that Mrs. Elphicke had previously been a member of the party’s right wing.

Prime Minister’s Questions began in the House of Commons with Mrs. Elphicke crossing the floor to take a seat behind Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, amidst dramatic proceedings.

Bewilderment and perplexity characterized the majority of the Conservative factions.

Many Conservative MPs were unaware that their erstwhile colleague was now seated opposite them, directly behind Sir Keir and thus in the camera shot when he is speaking, as opposed to on their side, until the news was announced at noon.

Mr. Sunak was greeted by Sir Keir, who inquired, “What is the point of this failed government limping on?” in response to the statement made by the Conservative MP for Dover, who was at the forefront of the small boats crisis, that the prime minister “cannot be trusted with our borders and has decided to join Labour.

A significant number of individuals who traverse the Channel in small vessels arrive in Dover.

Mrs. Elphicke stated in her statement that the government of Mr. Sunak “is failing to maintain the safety and security of our borders” due to “record levels” of small boat arrivals and loss of life in the Channel.”

Mrs. Elphicke wrote in an April article for the Express that the Labour Party “had no plan of their own to combat illegal immigration” and compared the Rwanda plan of the government to one that was “leading in the world.

She recently expressed concern, however, that legislation intended to revive the plan might not prevent small boat crossings, and proposed that a return agreement with France would be more fruitful.

When queried about her stance on Labour’s immigration policies, Mrs. Elphicke responded that while Mr. Sunak had not halted small boat crossings, Labour would address this matter.

Although the MP and Labour insisted she had not been extended an offer of peerage in exchange for her defection, she will be appointed to an unpaid position advising the party on housing policy.

Labour denied the claims of multiple sources that its discipline-enforcing stewards had expressed reservations regarding Mrs. Elphicke’s admission to the party.

Former Labour leader Lord Kinnock stated, “I believe we must be somewhat discerning in allowing individuals to join our party, as while it is true that the Labour Party is a very broad organization, even churches have boundaries and walls.”

He stated that Mrs. Elphicke must make a determination regarding her “commitment to the Labour Party’s program and principles.”

In 2019, Mrs. Elphicke was elected to the Dover seat that Charlie Elphicke, her disgraced ex-husband, had previously occupied.

In September 2020, he was sentenced to two years in prison for the sexual assault of two women.

She stated in an interview following his conviction that the accusations were “baseless” and that he had been punished for being “affable, prosperous, successful, and charismatic.”

Labour Member of Parliament Sarah Champion was dissatisfied with “certain statements made by Mrs. Elphicke in defense of her ex-husband against the allegations of sexual abuse.” Champion stated that such statements “absolutely do not sit well with me.”

A spokesman for the leader of the Labour Party stated that all of these issues have been previously discussed in public and in Parliament.

Mrs. Elphicke was a member of the European Research Group, which supported Brexit and was on the right wing of the Conservative Party. In the 2022 leadership contest, she backed Liz Truss.

Some on the left of Sir Keir’s party have criticized his invitation to her to join Labour, especially in light of the fact that Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn continue to be suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Momentum, a left-leaning advocacy organization, stated, “This far-right Conservative has no place in a Labour Party that is fit for its name.”

It speaks volumes about Keir Starmer that Diane Abbott is left out in the elements while he welcomes her with open arms.

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Regarding housing, Mrs. Elphicke stated that the government had “betrayed” tenants and lessees by failing to fulfill its commitments to eliminate ground rents and no-fault evictions, and was “failing to construct the homes we require.”

She stated that the Conservative Party held the preeminent position in British politics at the time of her election in 2019.

“Many things have changed since that time.” Boris Johnson, the duly elected prime minister, was deposed through a rebellion spearheaded by the unelected Rishi Sunak.

“The Conservative Party, led by Rishi Sunak, has come to be synonymous with incompetence and discord.” “The central position has been disregarded, and crucial commitments outlined in the 2019 manifesto have been discarded.”

In contrast, she asserted that Labour has undergone a radical transformation since 2019 and presently “controls the ideological landscape of British politics.

Furthermore, her remarks indicated that the party’s economic and defense policies “are responsible and can be trusted,” and that it had “a plan to build the homes we need.”

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