Grant Shapps ‘mad within’ over tainted blood crisis before probe report

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  • Government to implement Sir Brian Langstaff’s infected blood report
  • Shapps calls scandal “massive injustice” needing rectification
  • Langstaff’s report on NHS blood scandal to be released Monday

The defense secretary stated that the government would “immediately” implement Sir Brian Langstaff’s conclusions during his investigation into the long-standing injustice.

The defense secretary stated that the infected blood scandal has him “angry inside” in anticipation of a long-awaited report into the decades-long injustice.

Grant Shapps concurred that it was among the government’s most “disgraceful failures” and expressed his dismay at the “lack of accountability.”

The results of a public inquiry led by Sir Brian Langstaff into the scandal are anticipated to be made public on Monday.

Thousands of individuals contracted infections from contaminated blood acquired through NHS-provided blood products or transfusions between 1970 and the 1990s. Individuals contracted either hepatitis or HIV and, in certain instances, both.

An approximate count of 3,000 fatalities ensued.

According to Mr. Shapps on Trevor Phillips’ Sunday Morning, the scandal constituted a “massive injustice that must be rectified,” and the government would take action in response to the report.

He stated that although he had not yet seen the report, he hoped it would ultimately bring the government’s response to the grief and suffering of the families into focus.

Mr. Shapps disclosed that he had recounted the experiences of several victims’ relatives, including a couple who had lost their son, and that they had left him “angry on the inside.”

He continued, “It infuriated me to learn that no one had ever been held accountable for the death of their son; therefore, I believe that this report due tomorrow is crucial.”

Consequences have been attributed to successive governments’ failure to accept responsibility, and the present administration has been accused of attempting to postpone victim compensation since Theresa May initiated an investigation in 2017.

The current estimate is that the bill for compensation could surpass £10 billion.

The secretary of defense acknowledged that compensation payments to victims had been in progress for “eons.”

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He further stated, “This is an enormous injustice that requires rectification.

“Moreover, as the government has stated, we will.” “I believe that day will come for that family and others about the report, and I am certain that the government will want to act swiftly.”

When queried about whether Prime Minister Rishi Sunak would extend an apology to the victims, Mr. Shapps responded, “I lack specialized knowledge on that matter, so I do not wish to mislead.”

Also speaking to Trevor Phillips, shadow health secretary Wes Streeting predicted that “successive governments” would be criticized in Sir Brian’s report.

He stated that everyone bears some blame for this horrendous scandal and that we all have a joint obligation to rectify the situation.

“The moment to act can’t come soon enough.”

Sir Brian is scheduled to present his concluding report on Monday shortly after noon.

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