Chinese ambassador summoned over Hong Kong espionage allegations

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  • UK summons Chinese ambassador over Hong Kong espionage allegations
  • Foreign Office deems recent Chinese conduct unacceptable, citing cyber-attacks
  • Three individuals charged with aiding Hong Kong intelligence service

The three people appeared in court on Monday to face accusations of foreign interference and aiding Hong Kong’s intelligence service.

The Foreign Office has summoned the Chinese ambassador to the United Kingdom in connection with the charges of espionage against three individuals under Hong Kong’s control.

China’s recent conduct towards the United Kingdom, including cyber-attacks, espionage allegations, and the offering of bounties, is unacceptable, according to the Foreign Office.

According to a spokesman, Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron summoned Zheng Zeguang, the ambassador, after indicting the men under the National Security Act on charges of facilitating Hong Kong’s intelligence service and foreign interference.

Chung Biu Yuen, 63; Chi Leung (Peter) Wai, 38; and Matthew Trickett, 37, all appeared before the Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Yuen, Wai, and Trickett allegedly consented between December 20 and May 2, 2023, to conduct surveillance, information gathering, and acts of deception with the intent of aiding an external intelligence agency.

Additionally, they allegedly forcibly entered a residential address in the United Kingdom on May 1.

The Foreign Office’s reference to “bounties” refers to monetary compensation offered in exchange for information that results in foreign nationals’ apprehension; the Hong Kong government made similar offers in July and December 2023.

The chair of the foreign affairs committee, Alicia Kearns, described the summons of the Chinese ambassador as “long overdue and a relief to hear.”

She stated that hostile interference on British soil is a grave matter that demands zero tolerance.

In this regard, we must be absolute with all nations.

On Monday, the Chinese embassy in London categorically rejected all the allegations, vehemently condemned the United Kingdom’s “unwarranted accusation” and stated that the United Kingdom has orchestrated a “series of accusations against China,” including “slanderous and baseless” claims regarding Chinese espionage and cyber attacks.

We must emphasize that Hong Kong has long since returned to China. Hong Kong is the Hong Kong of China. The statement further asserts that the United Kingdom lacks authority and cannot criticize or intervene in Hong Kong affairs.

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During the brief court session, the Old Bailey instructed the three individuals to reappear on May 24 and release them on parole.

District Judge Louisa Cieciora ruled that they are required to comply with the following conditions: a weekly report to their local police station, abstain from international travel, and disclose the devices they use to access the internet to law enforcement.

Officers of the Metropolitan Police’s counter-terrorism command detained eleven people during their investigation, leading to the charges against Trickett, Yuen, and Wai.

On May 1, officers in the Yorkshire region apprehended eight men and one woman, and the following day, they apprehended one man in London and another man in the same region.

The detention of the seven men and one woman without charges ended on or before May 10.

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