Tesco boosts Clubcard points with AI challenges – how?

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  • Tesco introduces AI-driven challenges to Clubcard holders
  • Three million select members receive personalized challenges for points
  • Challenges vary and offer rewards up to £100 value

The grocery store will invite an exclusive subset of Tesco Clubcard purchasers to participate in an experimental phase of its novel “Clubcard Challenges” initiative.

Tesco intends to employ artificial intelligence to present “personalized” challenges to eligible Clubcard holders.  

The following sections detail who will be eligible to participate in the trial, its operational procedures, and its duration.

We conducted an extensive analysis of supermarket loyalty programs earlier this year, examining their offerings and determining which ones customers preferred the most. 

Although supermarket offers, programs, and “challenges” may be enticing, avoid overspending for their sake.

Who may participate in the proceeding?

We will extend invitations to approximately three million Tesco Clubcard holders to participate in this trial initiative.

Tesco will select customers who “regularly engage with Tesco digitally” and have opted to receive marketing communications from the chain.

Participants will receive an email invitation from Tesco to the email address associated with their Clubcard. 

Until May 20, a banner on the Tesco app will inform eligible customers about their eligibility to participate in the Challenges scheme.

How do the Tesco Clubcard Challenges function?

Tesco stated that it uses AI to present “personalized” challenges to eligible customers. 

Customers who accept the invitation will receive twenty unique challenges.

Patrons will receive additional Clubcard points as a reward for completing a challenge.

During the trial period, eligible customers who complete up to ten challenges can win 5,000 Clubcard points or £50 worth. 

Redeeming accumulated points at Tesco’s reward partners, such as Cineworld, Pizza Express, and Thorpe Park, increases the potential reward to £100.

Tesco described the challenges as follows: “Challenges will differ for every participant and may span from “spend £10 on plant-based meals” to “spend £20 on our Summer BBQ variety over the next six weeks.” 

Do participants continue to accrue points for their purchases?

Eligible customers will continue to accrue Clubcard points with each routine purchase regardless of their participation in the trial. 

Engaging in the trial will not impact the Tesco Clubcard’s customary advantages.

For how long will the prosecution be ongoing?

Beginning on May 20, eligible customers will be able to participate in the Tesco Clubcard Challenges trial, which will last for an initial six weeks. 

The group membership and loyalty director at Tesco, Lizzie Reynolds, stated, “We are always looking for ways to increase the value of Clubcard for our customers.”

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“By offering Clubcard prices on approximately 8,000 products, customers can reduce their annual grocery expenditure by as much as £360.”

“Personalization is about leveraging customer information to enhance their experience and provide more valuable rewards; we eagerly await customer reactions to Clubcard Challenges.”

What do alternative supermarkets provide?

Supermarkets compete fiercely to attract and keep customers.

It is prudent to investigate the various loyalty programs supermarkets offer to determine which one best meets your requirements.  

The slogan “Obtain rewards in pounds, not points” guides the Asda Rewards program.

Customers must purchase specific “star products” or complete missions to acquire Asda Pounds.

Missions frequently entail purchasing and depleting specific funds, such as George’s apparel or produce, across various departments.

Following that, the Asda Pounds are redeemable in-store or through the supermarket’s online platform. Additionally, members receive recurring 10% discounts on select products.

Lidl Plus is an application for loyalty points.

Members who meet monthly spending quotas will receive an incentive, such as a complimentary confectionary item or a discount on their next purchase.

Spending £50 would entitle you to a complimentary confectionary item. Each month, for every £100 spent, you will receive a £2 off coupon.

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