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Family battling to bring child’s body home from Vietnam after coroner ‘requests’ installment of £10,000

Denver Barfield kicked the bucket close by a female traveler in the city of Hoi An, nearby police said, after their bicycle collided with a power post out and about in the early long periods of Monday morning.

Denver Barfield kicked the bucket close by an individual British female traveler in the city of Hoi An, neighborhood police said, after their bicycle collided with a power post out and about in the early long stretches of Monday morning.

His dear companion Harri Stavrou set up a JustGiving page in Mr Barfield’s memory after a Vietnamese coroner started “annoying” Denver’s mom for installment to get his body back home – with an underlying bill of $12,500 (£10,000).

He portrayed the Aston University graduate as “brimming with life”: “Anybody who met him simply adored him immediately.”

The site, which was set up under 24 hours prior, has proactively raised more than £20,000.

Mr Stavrou, who has known Mr Barfield since he was 14 years of age, told Sky News: “No mother ought to need to cover their child.

“Also, quickly she started receiving messages from a coroner requesting cash.”

Mr Stavrou said the family has been informed the more they stand by, the more costly it will be.

“Denver was sick with COVID about 18 months prior, and during that time I needed to go get his remedy and do the looking for his mum,” he said.

“I guaranteed him then I would care for his mom for him – and I really want to believe that I have done him pleased.

“It’s everything for you, sibling.”

‘My legs went to jam’

Mr Stavrou said he initial found out about his companion’s passing through a text from another companion.

“I quickly messaged Denver since I just couldn’t really accept that it was valid,” he said.

“Then, at that point, my telephone began ringing with a call from his mom. My legs went to jam since I knew everything that she planned to say to me.”

The 24-year-old had intended to endure three months voyaging Asia prior to beginning a new position, and had quite recently visited Thailand prior to going to Vietnam.

“He had such a splendid future in front of him, I realize he would have crushed that occupation in London,” he said.

Mr Stavrou said the subtleties of Denver’s mishap are as yet indistinct: “We don’t have the foggiest idea who was driving the bicycle, for sure occurred.

“Whether or not we know or not, it doesn’t remove the misfortune from what occurred. Yet, for his mum and sister, I figure it will give them a harmony to know the exact thing occurred.”

The large numbers raised to assist with bringing Mr Barfield home were a demonstration of “how much individuals adored him,” he proceeded.

“I don’t figure his mum expected we would crush the objective so rapidly, yet it simply shows how much Denver was respected by everybody.”

He added: “Denver had a heart brimming with gold, he was continuously messed near, making wisecracks and he was without a doubt the best narrator on earth – and when he focused for reasons unknown he would stick his tongue out, I don’t know why he got it done yet it made us chuckle.

“Each time you saw Denver you realized you would be in hysterics paying attention to him throughout the evening.”


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