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GPs may soon give 10-minute gut scans during normal consultations.

Shortly, general practitioners may be able to offer patients a ten-minute scan to screen for significant bowel disorders during routine appointments.

The portable device can aid physicians in the early detection of ulcerative colitis, a painful illness that forms ulcers in the colon, as well as malignancies.

If something suspicious is detected, patients can be expedited for treatment, and if nothing dangerous is found, they can be reassured quickly.

Gps may soon give 10-minute gut scans during normal consultations.
Gps may soon give 10-minute gut scans during normal consultations.

Patients who see their general practitioner with bleeding, changes in bowel habits, and abdominal pain may be able to bypass the lengthy wait for a colonoscopy, which requires anesthesia and must be performed in a hospital or specialized facility.

Currently, this is the sole method for diagnosing or ruling out severe intestinal disease.

The new technology, dubbed LumenEye, comprises a disposable, 8-inch-long probe with a high-definition camera at its tip.

It examines only the lower portion of the colon, whereas a colonoscopy examines the entire large intestine using a flexible tube and camera.

The LumenEye images are displayed in real-time on a screen. Both components are contained in a tiny box, making them easy to transport and store, and the scan is painless and does not require anesthesia.

James Kinross, a colorectal surgeon at Imperial College London who specializes in bowel cancer therapies, stated, ‘If a patient has concerning symptoms and a physical examination cannot detect an obvious explanation, GPs typically refer them for a colonoscopy. It indicates that these services are fully overwhelmed with everything from relatively mild issues like hemorrhoids to more serious issues.

This technology will not replace colonoscopies, but it will assist primary care physicians in determining whether patients require further testing.

LumenEye is currently utilized in over a dozen NHS hospitals to monitor patients with ulcerative colitis.

There is now evidence that it could be utilized to aid in the diagnosis of other diseases. The test was administered to 130 people with symptoms such as bleeding or changes in bowel habits, which could suggest cancer or another bowel condition, in a research conducted at Imperial College London.

According to specialists, it was an accurate method for identifying problems that deserved further examination and eliminating those that did not. Throughout the experiment, four incidences of colon cancer were identified.

Dr. Tanveer Ahmed, a general practitioner at the Shifa Surgery in Blackburn, has been testing the device to reduce the nine-month wait for a colonoscopy in his region.

He stated, ‘Previously if a patient experienced bleeding, we would look to see if anything was apparent externally or perform a finger inspection. The LumenEye enables real-time visualization of the rectum. The treatment takes no longer than ten minutes and is straightforward.

If we have any questions, a consultant can log in, examine the video, and provide feedback. It implies that we can now reassure a far larger number of patients that they have nothing to worry about.

Sarah Guildford, 29, who suffers from Crohn’s disease, is one patient in Blackburn who has benefited from LumenEye at her GP office. Similar to ulcerative colitis, this disorder can cause ulcers and inflammation across the whole digestive tract.

married mother of two Six months of painful cramps, agony, and distressing gastrointestinal symptoms led to Sarah’s diagnosis in December 2020.

She stated, “I was prescribed over-the-counter painkillers and told I would require a colonoscopy before my medicine could be changed.” Since then, I have been on the waiting list, and at times my symptoms were so severe that I could do nothing except lie down.’

In April, she was offered the LumenEye surgery by Shifa Surgery. She continued, “It took approximately ten minutes and I went home immediately.” My doctor forwarded the footage to a specialist, who agreed to prescribe harsher medication.

We have performed the procedure twice. I cannot advocate more strongly that other GPs offer this option to their patients.’

Doctors warn that mixing margaritas in the sun could result in second-degree burns and a trip to the hospital.

The drink, which is composed of tequila and triple sec, contains a vital element that may pose a health risk: lime juice.

Molecules in citrus fruits can react with sunshine to cause phytophotodermatitis, popularly known as Margarita Burn, a burning skin ailment.

The Journal Of The American Board Of Family Medicine describes a case involving a 26-year-old woman who sliced 24 limes for a pool party.

She had painful red rashes that necessitated hospitalization within hours.


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