Common shower mistake can cause ‘fusing,’ stunting orgasms

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  • Improper hygiene can cause clitoral adhesions
  • Clitoral adhesions stunt sexual stimulation
  • Regular cleaning prevents genital fusing

To prevent the fusion of parts of their genitals, women on social media have been advised to cleanse their intimate areas in the shower thoroughly. 

A Maryland-based urologist responded to a thread on Reddit regarding feminine hygiene by elucidating how the accumulation of microbes and dead skin cells on specific tissues can lead to the adhesion of certain components. 

A user in the Reddit group r/TwoXChromosomes posted a warning about the issue last month. The problem is specific to the clitoris, a susceptible region of the vulva that contains a significant number of nerve receptors. 

In the post, user PeculiarOcelot proposed that nearly one in four women may have had their clitoris, which is the primary sexual pleasure zone for women, fused due to improper bathing. 

The phenomenon is referred to as clitoral adhesions by urologist Dr. Rachel Rubin, and it occurs when the protective shield above the clitoris becomes affixed to it. 

This is essentially the female equivalent of a man’s genitalia. 

Typically, the clitoris expands, and the hood retracts when a woman is sexually aroused. Nevertheless, the veil may be unmovable due to clitoral adhesions, which can exacerbate the challenge of stimulating the clitoris during sexual intercourse. 

Improper hygiene is one of the most prevalent causes of clitoral adhesion, as it results in the accumulation of smegma, a mixture of skin cells, lubricants, and other moisture, according to the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM). 

Furthermore, adhesions may develop as a consequence of irritation in the vicinity of the affected area, such as from frequent intercourse or clothing friction. 

Dr. Rubin conducted a study in 2022 that revealed that 23 percent of women who consult a sexual health practice, irrespective of the reason, have clitoral adhesions. 

According to Dr. Rubin, the practice of cleaning the clitoral hood is comparable to the instruction given to males to pull back their foreskin to prevent a similar condition known as phimosis. Buzzfeed reported this information. 

Uncircumcised boys and men are unable to retract their foreskin during phimosis readily. 

This typically does not result in any complications; however, in specific individuals, it may result in redness, discoloration, edema, soreness, pain during urination, and pain during erections or sexual intercourse. 

“It is not a pleasant experience when one experiences erections that are accompanied by movement and stretching.” This is painful. It is restricted. “It is not comfortable,” stated Dr. Rubin.

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She observed that the clitoris and the penis are pretty similar, as they possess the same tissues, muscles, and nerves. However, the clitoris has not been studied to the same extent as the penis. She stated, “The clitoris is identical in every respect, shape, and form.” 

Science has completely abandoned hearing about them because we do not peep through or penetrate with our clitorises.” 

According to the International Society of Sexual Medicine (ISSM), adhesions can be prevented by adhesions that are maintained through good hygiene practices, such as frequent cleaning of the genital area. This encompasses the act of retracting the canopy during a shower. 

Dr. Rubin suggests employing a handheld mirror to inspect for adhesions. ‘The clitoris’ head should resemble the penis’ head, which is surrounded by a rim reminiscent of a mushroom,’ she stated.

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