Anorexic remarkable 6st recovery, heart at risk of stopping

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  • Anorexic woman credits fitness app
  • NHS assistance lacked
  • POW8R aids recovery

Physicians informed a woman diagnosed with an eating disorder that her heart could “stop at any moment,” and she claims a fitness app saved her life.

During Covid, Julie Levens, a native of Huyton, close to Liverpool, struggled with anorexia and excessive exercise.

During lockdowns, the 30-year-old’s condition deteriorated “out of control.”

Ms Levens, a charity worker who weighed just under 6 stone at her lowest point, was tube-fed and committed to the hospital with protruding collarbones; doctors remarked that she was “fortunate to be alive.”

However, she asserted that a mental adjustment “towards food and fitness” aided in her recovery and second-place finish.

Ms Levens stated, “When I arrived at the hospital, they had no idea how my heart was still beating.”

“Upon my admission to the hospital, where I was being tube-fed, one of the consultants informed me that my heart rate could cease at any moment.”

Physicians prohibited her from independently using the lavatory due to her acute malnutrition and underweight during her hospitalization.

Approximately 28.8 million Americans and 1.3 million individuals in the United Kingdom suffer from an eating disorder, such as anorexia or bulimia.

Many sufferers, according to the NHS, exercise excessively, restrict their food intake, and find it difficult to acknowledge the gravity of their weight loss.

Ms Levens approached the NHS for assistance when she realized a radical transformation was necessary to improve her health.

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However, she felt that the NHS services failed to provide sufficient assistance and left her feeling “like a misbehaving child” due to her “slightly low weight.”

Mrs. Levens stated, “I required more individualized and encouraging care.”

She attributes the fitness application POW8R, which she encountered on her post-hospital walk, with facilitating her recovery.

Ms Levens described the live high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions offered by POW8R as a lifeline, as they motivated and structured her efforts to improve her health.

She now weighs 2st and feels stronger than ever after utilizing the app for health and fitness advice for two years.

Ms Levens stated, “When I first began my workouts, I was using 4-kilogram kettlebells, and my upper body was so weak that I could not even lift them properly.”

“I now perform the live workouts up to four times per week with kettlebells weighing 16 kilograms.”

She further stated that altering her food philosophy was crucial to her rehabilitation from anorexia and that Holly Braithwaite, 36, co-founder of POW8R, assisted her in abandoning compulsive behaviors and calorie counting.

Although lacking professional expertise in eating disorders, Ms. Braithwaite reportedly sought out to provide emotional support and guidance, according to Ms. Levens.

“She shifted the emphasis from weight to strength and health to motivate me to consume the proper amount of protein and vitamins during my workouts,” she explained.

Breakfast used to be the most difficult meal of the day for me.

“I am now able to savor every meal, but I especially relish putting together my post-workout breakfast consisting of berries, Greek yogurt, and protein powder to gain strength and replenish my muscles.”

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