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Phillip Schofield responds to critics after revealing affair with younger colleague on This Morning.

Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary mentioned the programme “being in the news at the moment” on Monday.

Phillip Schofield addressed criticism in his first statement since admitting to having an affair with a younger colleague.

Monday, less than half an hour before the program was scheduled to air, the 61-year-old posted a message to his 2.9 million Instagram followers.

It read: “I no longer contribute to @thismorning.” I am allowed to speak my mind. You’ve probably observed that a tiny group of people who dislike me or the show are the loudest.

Phillip schofield responds to critics after revealing affair with younger colleague on this morning.
Phillip schofield responds to critics after revealing affair with younger colleague on this morning.

“This morning’s program IS the most enjoyable to work on, with the best people. For the duration of my employment there, there was no toxicity. You may choose to hearken to these persistently loud voices.

“However, the tens of thousands of guests over the years, the tens of thousands of staff and crew, and the hundreds of presenters and contributors are all aware that it IS a family of wonderful, talented, kind, and hardworking individuals.”

Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary, who has presented since Schofield’s departure on 20 May, stated shortly after Monday’s program began, “We are aware that we are currently in the news.”

“Of course, we appreciate that,” O’Leary said before their publication review. But from the two of us and the entire team here, the crew, and the guys downstairs, we enjoy putting on this show for you all.

Hammond continued, “We truly do.” And that is precisely what we will do.”

Gyles Brandreth, who was examining the papers, offered his support as well, stating, “This is a pleasant workplace. I appreciate coming here.”

‘Toxic culture’ goes ‘far beyond’ Schofield

This comes after former This Morning doctor Ranj Singh released a statement regarding the “toxic culture” at the show, alleging that the “issues” with it “go far beyond him [Schofield]”.

A former colleague of Schofield, Eamonn Holmes, stated that the celebrity had “finally been caught out.”

“He is not the only responsible party. He stated on Twitter that four high-ranking ITV executives were aware of his character.

The show’s presenter and production assistant refuted “rumours of a relationship” in 2020, according to ITV.

In response to Dr. Ranj’s allegations, they stated that his complaint was investigated, but “no evidence of bullying or discrimination was discovered.”

First performance since the affair disclosure

On Friday, Hammond and O’Leary paid Schofield a 30-second tribute before he resigned over the “unwise but not illegal” situation.

Following reports of a feud between him and co-host Holly Willoughby, he initially stated that he was resigning because the program had “become the story.”

This occurred after his sibling was recently sentenced to twelve years in prison for child sex offenses.

Willoughby, 41, returned on Monday (5 June) after taking an early half-term holiday on May 22.

She has stated, “When reports of this relationship first surfaced, I asked Phil directly if it was true, and he told me it was not”

“Finding out that this was a lie has been very hurtful,” an Instagram statement added.

Schofield has now entirely resigned from ITV and his agents have dropped him.

He told the Daily Mail he lied to his wife, ITV, his agency, and the media about the affair.

ITV has refuted rumours that Willoughby and the programme may be cancelled due to the scandal.

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