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BMW’s £50,000 5 Series Saloon lets you change lanes by looking.

If you’re a self-proclaimed slacker who finds manual steering too difficult, BMW’s newest vehicle is ideal for you.

The German automaker’s all-electric 5 Series Sedan allows lane changes by simply glancing in the wing mirror.

The vehicle, which begins at £49,850, is equipped with cameras behind the steering wheel that track the driver’s gaze.

Checking the wing mirror can confirm a lane shift when the car in front is travelling too slowly.

Once this confirmation signal has been received, the vehicle assumes control of the steering and changes lanes automatically.

BMW's £50,000 5 Series Saloon lets you change lanes by looking.

BMW claims that the Active Lane Change Assistant feature on the 5 Series Saloon “partially automates the driving experience” and establishes the conditions for “outstanding functionality.”

The company said this comfort function improves driver-vehicle engagement.

The external mirror confirms the first lane change suggested by the vehicle.

If the traffic circumstance permits, the Active Lane Change Assistant takes over the necessary steering movements automatically.

Active Lane Change Assistant is a switchable feature that works at speeds up to 85 mph.

When the technology suggests a lane change, a visual alert appears on the screen behind the steering wheel. And the driver can decide whether or not to approve by glancing in the rearview mirror.

The new technology advances autonomous cruising, but safety concerns may make drivers hesitant to use it.

It’s unclear what happens when the motorist checks their wing mirror but doesn’t accept the AI’s recommendation to change lanes.

At speeds below 85 miles per hour, drivers will also be permitted to remove their hands from the steering wheel as long as they “keep an eye on the traffic.”

BMW boasted many “digital innovations” in the October-released vehicle, including the Active Lane Change Assistant.

BMW stated that the new vehicle’s “cockpit” has fewer buttons and controls as a result of “consistently digitalizing functions,” while the steering column has been redesigned to include haptic feedback on the control panels.

Similar to a video game interface, haptics provides tactile sensations such as vibrations when users apply pressure with their finger.

The 5 Series Saloon features two displays for the driver: a 12.3-inch Information Display that displays information such as speed and battery charge, and a 14.9-inch Control Display.

The Control Display maps routes and lets passengers stream videos and play games while stationary.

BMW stated that using the Control Display for entertainment purposes will allow passengers to “bridge waiting times” while the vehicle’s battery is being charged.

The car or smartphone can operate autonomous parking and manoeuvring up to 650 feet (200 metres).

The 5 Series Saloon has’sporty grace and presence’ and a ‘fully vegan interior’ without leather.

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