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On SBTV, Ed Sheeran pays tribute to his friend Jamal Edwards.

Ed Sheeran has released a song, titled F64, in memory of his late buddy Jamal Edwards.

It was released on Edwards’ music channel SBTV, where Sheeran rose to prominence more than a decade ago.

Edwards was a lifetime admirer of Chelsea FC, and the music video for the song was shot at Stamford Bridge.

Brenda Edwards, the mother of the deceased DJ and entrepreneur, has also campaigned for increased CPR training in light of her son’s passing.

In February 2022, Jamal Edwards, age 31, died of heart arrhythmia caused by recreational drug use.

On SBTV, Ed Sheeran pays tribute to his friend Jamal Edwards.

Brenda Edwards stated that she was honoured to carry on her son’s tradition of selflessness.

“It has inspired me to continue doing what he did; he had such a big heart and was so generous to so many.

She added, “I was honoured to spend time with Jamal; he inspired me on a daily basis. And his legacy continues to inspire me and so many others.”

On his YouTube music channel SBTV, Jamal Edwards is credited for launching the careers of Dave, Jessie J, and Ed Sheeran.

He would train emerging artists and pay for their song and video production.

Ed Sheeran pays tribute to his friend Jamal Edwards

Edwards supported Sheeran’s music early in his career and uploaded a performance video of him to YouTube in 2010.

It drew the notice of his current manager, Stuart Camp, and led to a record deal with Atlantic.

Sheeran raps in his language-warned freestyle single about spending more than a week with Brenda Edwards after Jamal’s death.

“We sobbed for nine nights in your family’s residence….

Was at your mother’s house all week, attempting to make sense but failing. And although it’s been a year I still feel heartache “He claims.

The 31-year-old Grammy-winning artist is illuminated by a circle of candles in the stadium, with Jamal’s name spelled out on the stadium seats visible in the background.

“Lost apart from you”

He raps as well: “Since we last spoke, I’ve become a father of two and have struggled to maintain a positive outlook on life.

“Because all I want to do is discuss you, but these tears prevent me from doing so. We should have realised that without you, we would be lost.”

In the song, he also states that Edwards would have “loved loving my lovely ladies” and regrets that he never met Sheeran’s daughter Jupiter, whose godfather he would have become.

In July, Sheeran published the music video for the song Are You Entertained with Russ. Thus fulfilling a promise he made to Edwards the previous year.

Edwards was to shoot and produce the video, but he passed away the day before it was to be made. So Sheeran used his original concepts and created the video in his memory.

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