She Said actors applaud Harvey Weinstein’s accusers

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The New York Times published an article alleging decades of abusive behavior by Harvey Weinstein on October 5, 2017. At the time, the film producer was regarded as one of Hollywood’s most influential men.

She Said is a follow-up to the exhaustive investigation conducted by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, which helped to fuel the #MeToo movement.

When portraying real-life figures in a film, sensitivity is always required. But due to the nature of the topic, this sentiment was amplified by both the journalists and the several women who accused Weinstein.

Twohey is portrayed by Carey Mulligan, who states that she felt a great deal of obligation toward the film’s characters and all those who contributed to the original story.

She said actors applaud harvey weinstein's accusers
She said actors applaud harvey weinstein's accusers

It was the fact that these two women, along with a group of really brave survivors and witnesses, broke this story that altered the world. I believe it merited a place in history.

“I loved the concept of being able to cement in people’s minds that Megan and Jodi, as well as extraordinary survivors and witnesses, made this possible.”

Zoe Kazan, who plays Kantor, explains, “We felt a great duty to tell the narrative with integrity.” The actress desires that both the bravery of women and the perseverance of journalists receive widespread appreciation.

Actors applaud
She said actors applaud harvey weinstein's accusers

“immediately Harvey Weinstein’s downfall seems inevitable given his conduct. In 2017, however, while the tale was being composed, it was anything but.”

In the tradition of films about investigative journalism such as All The President’s Men and Spotlight, She Said has been mentioned as a potential Oscar contender.

The film directed by Maria Schrader, however, has gotten mixed reviews from critics. Robbie Collin of The Telegraph gave the film two stars. “Good journalism does not often make for riveting cinema,” he noted, adding that She Said, “sometimes resembles an HR investigation in cinematic form.”

Charlotte O’Sullivan of the Evening Standard was more optimistic, calling the picture a “marvel” in her four-star review. She remarked, “It is neither arrogant nor preachy, and it provides space to the unglamorous figures.” “Outstanding acting brings out the best in this David and Goliath tale that reverberated around the world.”

She said actors applaud harvey weinstein's accusers
She said actors applaud harvey weinstein's accusers

However, the film’s debut weekend in the United States was exceedingly dismal, earning only $2.2 million (£1.9 million). Variety described the box office earnings as “abysmal” and stated that She Said “ranks among the poorest performances for a major studio release in history.”

The film may be another illustration of the widening gap between audiences and award voters.

The film illustrates the “obligation” that the journalists felt when they broke such a groundbreaking story. Kantor recalls the strain she and Twohey had as they prepared the manuscript for publication.

She explains, “vulnerable people are entrusting you with their story, and you’re frightened of making a mistake.” “Once we saw the story’s significance, we felt an even greater sense of obligation because the stakes continued to rise.

“After we published the article, women from all over the world began to come forward, and we were shocked. The stakes are far greater than anticipated.”

“In the early hours and days following the story’s publication, our emails and phones were inundated with women sharing their accounts of abuse and harassment,” recalls Twohey. “And not just in Hollywood, but across all professions and socioeconomic backgrounds.

“Moreover, observing the #MeToo movement go global and so many survivors taking to social media to tell their tales was quite astounding. A very, tremendously huge cultural shift that Jodi and I felt almost instantly.”

The impact of #MeToo felt enormous and urgent at the moment. In a trial in New York, Weinstein, who has consistently denied any non-consensual sexual contact, was found guilty. He is currently on trial in both Los Angeles and the United Kingdom.

However, there have been worries regarding the likelihood of a more extensive and durable transition. Kazan claims there has been in the film industry.

She states, “There are undeniable changes.” “By concrete measures, I mean having an intimacy coordinator on set for any scene requiring this type of labor.”

“However, we still have a long way to go, and I believe that one of the objectives of making this video is to demonstrate how change occurs. And that it occurs gradually and with a tremendous lot of effort and bravery behind it.”

Mulligan is hopeful that this picture will contribute significantly to the evolution of cinema.

Before the film’s premiere, she says: “From my perspective as a layperson, the most significant impact of the #MeToo movement being propelled by the tale thus far has been the opening of communication channels for individuals to discuss matters. I believe it was not conceivable for men and women to discuss these experiences, in the same manner, five years ago.

“And I believe that can only be a step in the right direction for continuing this discussion. I do not believe that films can alter the world. However, I do believe that art has a role and that conveying a tale in a manner that is perhaps more accessible to people is part of this.”

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