Dua Lipa disputes World Cup allegations and criticizes Qatar’s human rights record.

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The London-born singer states, “I will not be performing, nor have I ever been part in any negotiations to perform.”

Dua Lipa has dismissed rumors that she will sing at the World Cup opening ceremony, stating that she will not visit Qatar until it changes its human rights record.

The 27-year-old pop singer issued a message on Instagram stories following rumors that she might perform at the opening ceremony the following week.

She penned: “Currently, there are many rumors that I will sing at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar.

Dua lipa disputes world cup allegations and criticizes qatar's human rights record.
Dua lipa disputes world cup allegations and criticizes qatar's human rights record.

“I will not be performing, nor have I ever negotiated to perform.

“I shall be rooting for England from afar, and I look forward to visiting Qatar after it has met all the human rights commitments it made in exchange for the right to host the World Cup.”

The singer is presently on her 10-month Future Nostalgia tour in Australia.

FIFA had previously asked nations to focus on football during the World Cup, despite worries regarding attitudes toward LGBTQ supporters and the treatment of migrant workers.

Hits out at qatars human
Dua lipa disputes world cup allegations and criticizes qatar's human rights record.

In a 75-page report released this week, the London-based rights organization Equidem said that migrant workers who constructed Qatar’s World Cup stadiums were subjected to discrimination, long hours under difficult conditions, wage theft, and other abuses while their bosses skirted responsibility.

In recent years, Qatar has enacted several labor reforms in response to intense international scrutiny, which has been lauded by Equidem and other rights groups, but advocates assert that widespread abuses persist.

However, Qatar has dismissed these charges and consistently refuted claims that the safety and health of the 30,000 employees who constructed the World Cup infrastructure were compromised.

Ambet E Yuson, general secretary of the Building and Wood Workers’ International union, remarked that migrant workers working on World Cup building projects had been afforded greater security than other workers in Qatar.

“Employers continue, frequently with impunity, to violate the human rights of migrant workers. As the tournament approaches, progress must be made on universal human rights standards “Mr. Yuson remarked.

In October, several French cities, including Paris, will not broadcast World Cup matches on huge screens in public fan zones due to concerns regarding violations of migrant workers’ rights and the tournament’s environmental impact in Qatar.

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