Crime-glamorizing drill music? Big Narstie wonders why rock and roll isn’t discussed.

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Big Narstie stars in the new television series Jungle, which he claims for the first time displays drill music as art. It’s a genre that has garnered numerous negative headlines in recent years, but is this justified?

As drill music has pushed further into mainstream society – from the source of moral panic to inspiration for a multimillion-pound drama – rapper Big Narstie has criticized how it has been demonized by the press.

The musician and presenter stars in the new series Jungle, which, according to him, is the first television program to depict the controversial genre as art.

Crime-glamorizing drill music? Big narstie wonders why rock and roll isn't discussed.
Crime-glamorizing drill music? Big narstie wonders why rock and roll isn't discussed.

He questioned why certain segments of the music industry generate more unfavorable news coverage than others.

“I doubt Mick Jagger would be pleased if we stated rock and roll music is responsible for all the booze and cocaine misuse in the country,” he remarked.

Jungle’s presence on the Prime Video streaming platform is bringing drill to a brand-new audience, many of whom have only heard of the music genre in newspaper articles criticizing its tendency to glorify gang violence.

Drill’s first UK number one last year – Body by Russ Millions x Tion Wayne – was a watershed moment. However, there is no denying how deeply rooted it is today in modern music culture – a kind of rap that resonates globally with millions of young listeners across the world.

So is Big Narstie right? Have shadowy powers been at work?

According to Justin Finlayson, founder of United Borders, an organization that supports young people via music, racism, and classism are to blame.

“The factors surrounding drill—inner city, impoverished estates—exist regardless of the genre,” he told.

Therefore, I feel that sometimes this genre gets unfairly criticized for major concerns that it shouldn’t be blamed for when other things are occurring.

The organization operates out of a bus-turned-recording studio that is intended to steer creative potential in a constructive path.

“There are negative connotations associated with the drill music genre. For us, it’s a terrific place to connect with young people. That’s where they’re most enthusiastic, and it’s how they express themselves, so we can learn a great deal about a person based on the art they pursue.”

Glamorise crime
Crime-glamorizing drill music? Big narstie wonders why rock and roll isn't discussed.

However, this does not mean that the genre is not problematic.

Lady TT, a youth mentor, and DJ states, “I don’t believe it’s unfairly categorized.”

“You have good and bad, but drill has a negative reputation because they have enabled it to have a horrible image with tracks that go online purposely targeting people, incidents occur, and then they make glory videos.

“You must accept responsibility for what you’re sending out into the world if you’re going to complain that you’ve been treated unfairly.

“If you are making stuff that encourages violence against individuals or glorifies violence or murders, I cannot appreciate the tune regardless of how wonderfully it is performed. I cannot like it due to the lyrics.”

Although it remains lyrically problematic, the success of young British drill artists demonstrates that their voice resonates powerfully on a worldwide scale.

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