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China introduces the fastest internet in the world.

  • China sets internet speed record
  • 1.2 TB/s backbone launch
  • Collaboration for global impact

China launched a service that can transfer 150 HD movies per second, breaking the internet speed record.

Constructing a fiberoptic cable that spans nearly the entirety of China, the 3,000-kilometer (1,864-mile) cable links Beijing, Wuhan, and Guangzhou.

Fiberoptic Cable Spans China

The ultra-high-speed internet backbone, which can transfer 1.2 terabytes of data per second, is three times quicker than the fastest connection in the United States and ten times quicker than the majority of significant routes.

Additionally, the launch occurs two years ahead of industry deadlines. Terabyte-speed services are not anticipated to be available until at least 2025.

Although the network was activated on July 31, it was not formally inaugurated until Monday, following successful test results, which were announced at a press conference.

Domestic Collaboration for Advanced Technology

The network was developed in collaboration between Tsinghua University, a prestigious academic institution in China, China Mobile, Huawei, and the China Education and Research Network (CERNET).

The ultra-high-speed service, operating as a “backbone” connection, will play a crucial role in the internet’s fundamental infrastructure. It facilitates the transfer of enormous volumes of data between diverse computer networks.

Internet2, the backbone utility of the United States’ internet, was only upgraded to 400 gigabytes per second last year.

Most global backbone services transmit 100 gigabytes per second, ten times slower than China’s new connection.

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Dean of the Network Research Institute at Tsinghua University, Wu Jianping, stated at the press conference that the backbone would provide China with “advanced technology to construct an even faster internet.”

Mr. Jianping further stated that the backbone “provides crucial technological reserves and will undoubtedly serve as China’s significant contribution to the global development of the Internet of the next generation.”

This type of backbone network is critical for the exponential expansion of data-driven sectors and facilitates the operation of 5G networks, which in turn enables autonomous automobiles and industrial machinery.

Impact on Global Internet Development

The network has been likened by Xu Mingwei of Tsinghua University to a hyperfast train that supplants ten conventional tracks that previously transported an equivalent volume of cargo.

Mr. Mingwei asserted that this unified network would be more cost-effective and more manageable.

Significantly, the network exclusively employs components and software manufactured in China.

Concern has been expressed by China regarding its dependence on the United States and Japan for components like routers.

All new backbone components are domestically fabricated, and research teams have achieved great strides in various areas.

Mr. Jianping and his colleagues created a faster internet router with more data transfer capacity than previous models.

China’s internet censorship restricts controversial themes and Western news outlets.

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