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Ten people have died and at least 15 have been hurt in knife attacks in Canada, but the suspects are still at large.

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Investigators in Saskatchewan, the attacks occurred at numerous sites and police are currently examining 13 crime scenes.

The stabbings occurred as spectators gathered nearby for a sold-out Canadian Football League game over a holiday weekend.

In an indigenous village in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, ten people have been stabbed to death and at least 15 others have been injured.

Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson, who are thought to be traveling in a black Nissan Rogue, are wanted by police.

Ten fatalities and at least 15 injuries have resulted from knife incidents in Canada, with suspects still at large.
A police forensics team investigates a crime scene after multiple people were killed and injured in a stabbing spree in Weldon, Saskatchewan, Canada. September 4, 2022. REUTERS/David Stobbe

Some of the victims appeared to be targeted, while others were attacked at random, police say, adding that there may be further victims who self-transported themselves to hospitals.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the events as “horrific and heartbreaking”, while the province’s premier, Scott Moe, tweeted that he lacked the “appropriate words to explain the agony and loss inflicted by this senseless murder.”


Local media report that a mother of two was among the deceased.

A statement by indigenous elders said that the attacks were possibly tied to drugs.

Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations: “This is the devastation we confront when dangerous illegal substances infiltrate our communities.” The group represents Saskatchewan’s 74 First Nations.

The episode, which ranks among the deadliest mass homicides in modern Canadian history, will undoubtedly echo throughout the country, which is unused to the outbreaks of mass violence that are more typical south of the border.

According to the Saskatchewan Health Authority, individuals are being treated at multiple locations.

Ten fatalities and at least 15 injuries have resulted from knife incidents in Canada, with suspects still at large.

“A request for extra personnel was submitted in response to the inflow of injuries,” spokesperson Anne Linemann of the governing body stated.

Mark Oddan, the spokesman for the ambulance service, stated that two helicopters from nearby Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and one from Regina were dispatched in response to the stabbings in the indigenous town of James Smith Cree Nation and the nearby village of Weldon.

The public was advised to take “reasonable care.”

“Never leave a safe spot. Use caution when inviting guests inside your home. Avoid approaching questionable individuals. Avoid picking up hitchhikers “police cautioned.

The search area was packed because Canadian Football League fans had descended on nearby Regina for a sold-out Thanksgiving game.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders, one of the competing teams, reported that additional security and law enforcement officers had been deployed to the game’s venue, Mosaic Stadium.

The Regina Police Service stated that, with the assistance of the Mounties, they were working on many fronts to apprehend the suspects and that they had “deployed additional resources for public protection throughout the city, including during the football game.”


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