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NASA releases long-awaited UFO report.

  1. NASA to Release Study Findings on Unexplained Flying Objects (UFOs)
  2. Past Scientific Skepticism Surrounding UAPs (Unexplained Aerial Phenomena)
  3. Recent Developments in UAP Investigations and Testimonies

Nasa will disclose the results of a long-awaited study on unexplained flying objects in Earth’s atmosphere on Thursday (today).

Last year, the US Space Agency announced that it was examining evidence regarding UAPs, which has replaced the term “UFO” in official usage.

The topic has long captivated the public, but mainstream science has shunned it.

In May, a team of 16 independent researchers presented their preliminary findings, concluding that existing data and eyewitness accounts are insufficient for drawing definitive conclusions and urging for the systematic collection of high-quality data.

It is unlikely that Thursday’s report will alter this conclusion, but it may ultimately usher in a new mission for the agency.

While Nasa’s probes and rovers scour the solar system for any fossils of ancient microbes, and its astronomers search for signs of intelligent civilizations on distant planets, its historic posture has been to “debunk” sightings on our home planet.

During the May meeting, the authors of the report stated that more than 800 “events” had been compiled over a period of 27 years, of which 2% to 5% were deemed possibly anomalous.

According to team member Nadia Drake, these are “anything the operator or sensor cannot understand” or “anything acting weirdly.”

UAPs’ association with foreign eavesdropping has prompted the US government to take them more seriously in recent years.

NASA’s work, which is based on unclassified information, is distinct from a Pentagon investigation, though the two are coordinating on the application of scientific tools and methodologies.

In July, a former US intelligence officer made headlines when he told a congressional committee that he “absolutely” believes the government has unidentified anomalous phenomena and extraterrestrial operators’ remains.

David Grusch told lawmakers, “My testimony is based on information provided by individuals with a long history of legitimacy and service to this country — many of whom also shared compelling evidence in the form of photographs, official documentation, and classified oral testimony.”

A Mexican congressional session this week revealed the supposed bodies of two “non-human” entities, sparking amazement, incredulity, and outrage on social media.

Jaime Maussan, a controversial journalist and researcher from Mexico who claimed to have discovered the alleged mummified remains in Peru in 2017, carried the grayish-colored and humanoid-shaped relics with him.

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