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Jeffrey Epstein: Court files identify Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton

  • Epstein-related court documents disclosed
  • Clinton and Prince Andrew mentioned
  • Maxwell’s trial evidence revealed

Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom are among the prominent individuals named in US court documents detailing the connections of the deceased sexual offender Jeffrey Epstein.

As evidence in a case against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s girlfriend who was incarcerated for aiding him in abusing women, the recently disclosed records are included.

However, the documents have not yet unveiled any significant new allegations against Epstein or insights into his associates.

Prince Andrew refutes allegations that he engaged in sexual activity with a woman.

Although no malfeasance is alleged, the documents also contain the names of magician David Copperfield and singer Michael Jackson.

Mr. Clinton is mentioned in several of the documents. While acknowledging his former association with Epstein, the former president of the United States has categorically denied any knowledge of his criminal activities.

Following an order from New York Judge Loretta Preska, the initial files from the highly anticipated trove, totaling approximately 900 pages, were made public on Wednesday. Preska acknowledged that a number of the individuals named in the files had been identified by the media or during Maxwell’s criminal trial.

Numerous individuals, according to Judge Preska, did not object to the disclosure of the documents. However, she mandated the redaction of certain names on the grounds that they identified victims of sexual assault.

A portion of the over a hundred individuals enumerated makes allegations against other people or serves as potential witnesses. Additional documents are anticipated to be disclosed in the days to come.

In 2009, Epstein entered a guilty plea for soliciting prostitution from a minor. While awaiting prosecution on sex-trafficking charges, he committed suicide in 2019.

Claim of Prince Andrew Groping

Johanna Sjoberg, who has alleged that Prince Andrew groped her breast in 2001 while she was seated on a couch in Epstein’s Manhattan apartment, is referenced in the documents.

Buckingham Palace has stated her allegations in the past are “categorically untrue.” It declined to comment on the new documents, stating that it no longer represents the Duke of York, who is no longer entrusted with regal responsibilities.

One deposition, which has been previously documented, contained Ms. Sjoberg’s claim that Prince Andrew placed his hand on her breast while she was posing for a photograph alongside another accuser, Virginia Giuffre, and a “Prince Andrew” marionette.

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The British sovereign paid Ms. Giuffre millions in 2022 to settle her lawsuit alleging he sexually molested her at seventeen.

Prince Andrew denied Ms. Giuffre’s allegations and stated that he had never met her.

The Travels of Bill Clinton

Although there is no indication of wrongdoing, the court documents also include the name of former US President Clinton. When asked about Epstein’s offences, his representatives cited a 2019 statement in which he claimed “no knowledge”.

According to records, Ms. Sjoberg said that Epstein told her Mr. Clinton “likes them young, with reference to girls.”

The documents contain testimony from Maxwell attesting to the fact that Mr. Clinton had boarded Epstein’s private jet, although she was unable to ascertain the exact number of occasions.

During the early 2000s, Mr. Clinton boarded Epstein’s plane for what were termed humanitarian missions to Africa. At the time, he lauded Epstein as a devoted philanthropist. However, he subsequently stated that he severed all ties with him.

In 2019, the former president of the United States issued a statement stating that he was accompanied on his travels aboard Epstein’s jet by Clinton Foundation staff and supporters.

He added, “His Secret Service detail accompanied him on each leg of every journey.”

The court documents contain a segment in which Maxwell’s attorney attempts to refute a media report. The paper says Clinton visited Epstein’s Caribbean island shortly after leaving office in January 2001.

According to an attorney for Maxwell, the former president “did not travel to Little St. James Island between January 1, 2001, and January 1, 2003, nor was he present on the island.”

The attorney added that Secret Service personnel would have had to submit travel records if the accusation was true.

Why Is the Name Trump Cited?

Additionally, the document contains Ms. Sjoberg’s testimony that Epstein instructed her to communicate with Donald Trump while they were travelling to one of his casinos in New Jersey in 2001.

“Jeffrey responded, ‘Excellent, we’ll contact Trump,'” she testified, subsequent to pilots stating that their aircraft was unable to descend into New York and would instead remain in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

There are no allegations of malfeasance by Mr. Trump in the documents.

Ms. Sjoberg says, “No.” when asked if she massaged Mr. Trump in her deposition.

Who Among the Others Are Some?

A discussion regarding David Copperfield and Michael Jackson: Ms. Sjoberg stated that she had encountered the magician and the vocalist via Epstein, but she made no allegations of misconduct on their part.

Numerous references are also made to Jean-Luc Brunel, the French modelling representative who committed suicide in a Paris prison in 2022 while awaiting rape charges.

Bill Richardson, New Mexico governor, was forced to have sexual relations with Ms. Giuffre, according to her deposition. Mr. Richardson denied meeting Ms. Giuffre before his death a year ago and was not prosecuted.

Alfredo Rodriguez, Epstein’s household security guard, called Maxwell “the boss” in court filings.

According to the documents, Mr. Rodriguez, who passed away in 2015, was instructed to always carry cash. He was to give it to high school girls and the females who were assisting Epstein with recruitment.

Maxwell and Epstein

The demise of Epstein in 2019 was classified as a suicide by the medical examiner of New York.

At present, Maxwell is the progeny of publishing magnate Robert Maxwell. She is incarcerated for a period of twenty years in relation to her activity as a recruiter for Epstein. Her attorneys are filing an appeal of the verdict.

CNN cited a statement from Maxwell’s attorneys on Wednesday as saying, “She has vehemently and consistently maintained her innocence.”

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