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Israel-Hamas truce starts 7 am Friday; hostages to be freed

Following six weeks of fighting, Qatar asserts that the temporary ceasefire includes a comprehensive ceasefire in both northern and southern Gaza in the expectation that it will be followed by a permanent ceasefire.

Prisoner Release and Humanitarian Aid

The initial group to be liberated consists of thirteen women and children currently held captive by fighters in Gaza. Qatar has announced that the provisional ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza will commence at 7:00 AM local time (5 AM UK time) on Friday.

The foreign ministry of Qatar, according to a spokesperson, Dr. Majed al Ansari, stated that it had received a manifest of the civilians to be released tomorrow at approximately 2:00 pm UK time (4 pm local time), with priority given to families.

In exchange for the agreement, he anticipated Israel’s release of Palestinian prisoners.

“We are praying that no additional delays occur,” he stated.

“At this juncture, I believe that everything is in its proper position, and that we are prepared to commence operations.”

The accord, reached after negotiations facilitated by Qatar, Egypt, and the United States, will permit the Red Cross to deliver medicines to the detainees and pay them a visit.

Additionally, this would permit the entry of hundreds of trucks transporting fuel, humanitarian, and medical supplies into Gaza, while Israel would suspend all aviation operations over southern Gaza and enforce a daily six-hour daytime no-fly zone in the northern region.

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Dr. al Ansari stated that humanitarian aid would rush into Gaza as soon as the ceasefire is established, adding that it would be “a fraction” of what the region requires.

Delays and Complex Negotiations

After six weeks of fighting, the ceasefire was set to begin Thursday at 10 a.m. local time (8 a.m. UK time).

The confirmation of the structured agreement took place on Wednesday morning. However, the anticipated announcement regarding the official start time had not materialized after over a day had passed.

At a Doha news conference, Dr. al Ansari said the postponement discussions were “extremely complex and intricate.”

“We wanted to ensure that nothing would be damaged in the process of releasing the captives. And both parties have agreed upon the operational parameters of the agreement,” he explained.

He added that the complete ceasefire in northern and southern Gaza was expected to help establish a permanent peace.

Israel-Hamas Agreement and Future Intentions

Israel has secured the release of 150 Palestinian women and children from Israeli prisons. The agreement guarantees the liberation of 50 Israeli women and children, who are captives among fighters in Gaza, in return.

For the ceasefire to last more than four days, Israel required the fighters to free ten hostages daily.

Reuters reported that a Palestinian source stated that they may release 100 hostages again this month.

Both parties have declared their intention to resume hostilities once the ceasefire expires.

Israel said that Hamas and other violent groups, including Palestinian Islamic Jihad, attacked southern Israel on October 7, with over 240 hostages and 1,200 dead, mostly civilians.

Israel has bombarded the enclave in retaliation for weeks in an effort to “eradicate” Hamas. The Gaza airstrikes have claimed the lives of a minimum of 13,000 Palestinians. Including 5,500 children, according to the government commanded by Hamas.

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