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Gaza war: US and UK demand Israel to protect hospitals

  • Global pressure on Israel
  • Allegations and counterclaims
  • IDF’s evidence scrutinized

Israel is facing increasing global pressure to protect civilians confined in hospitals in Gaza, following the disclosure of purported evidence of a Hamas base within one medical facility.

The Al-Shifa hospital “must be protected” from the intense combat that surrounds the complex, according to US President Joe Biden.

Israel had just disseminated a video purporting to show a Hamas hideout beneath the Rantisi hospital when he made these remarks.

It accuses Hamas of concealing military bases within hospitals. This is denied by Hamas.

The region surrounding Al-Shifa, the largest hospital in Gaza, has been the epicentre of conflict in recent times. There are reportedly thousands of individuals seeking refuge.

“With regard to the hospital, I anticipate and hope that less intrusive action will be taken,” stated President Biden. Safeguarding the hospital is imperative.

Dozens of people, including at least three premature infants, have perished, according to doctors inside, due to a lack of fuel, medication, and electricity.

It has been reported that courtyards contain over a hundred unburied remains, and individuals attempting to evacuate the complex or traverse between buildings are at risk of fatality owing to the prevalent violence in the vicinity.

Pleas for Humanitarian Action

Rishi Sunak, the prime minister of Great Britain, reiterated Mr. Biden’s sentiments on Monday evening. Sunak stated that Israel, although entitled to “defence against terrorism,” must also “act in accordance with international law.”

He asked Israel to let more aid into Gaza and protect people, including in hospitals.

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“In order to alleviate the “severe suffering” in Gaza, “urgent and substantive humanitarian pauses” are required, he said, adding, “Too many civilians are losing their lives.”

Their declarations are in response to French President Emmanuel Macron’s urging Israel to cease the slaughter of infants and women.

Israel maintains that it has not fired directly on hospitals in Gaza; however, it asserts that Hamas uses tunnel networks beneath these facilities as “instruments of war” to strategize and execute assaults against Israeli forces. The Israeli military has committed to eliminate Hamas in Gaza, a US, UK, and EU terrorist outfit.

IDF’s Purported Evidence and Hamas Response

The IDF published reported Hamas activities at the Rantisi children’s hospital in northern Gaza City on Monday night.

Chief spokesman for the IDF Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari is seen in a six-minute video labelled “raw footage.” Where he states that he is located in a tunnel 200 metres from Rantisi.

Hagari, in the video, indicates the entrance to the tunnel, which he claims is “connected” to the hospital, and claims that solar panels were powering a bunker via electrical cabling.

Although no additional evidence is presented to support the existence of a command centre, an IDF spokesman stated that investigations remained ongoing.

He claims that the footage then transitions to basement chambers within the Rantisi hospital. He indicates a cache of weapons, which consists of grenades and explosive belts, as well as a motorbike that appears to have sustained gunshot damage.

There are indications, according to Rear Admiral Hagari, that captives captured by Hamas during its assault on Israel were detained in the basement.

A child’s feeding bottle is below a “World Health Organisation” control panel and a rope-tied chair.

Insights into the Room’s Contents and Purpose

Starting October 7, Hamas’ invasion of southern Israel, he draws Arabic numerals on a wall-mounted calendar in another chamber.

Although they secured the room, Rear Admiral Hagari asserts that the “terrorists’ shifts” are reflected on the calendar. According to him, identities were inscribed alongside shift times.

“al-Aqsa flood” is the title given to the 7 October assaults by Hamas. It is mentioned at the beginning of this document. However, the Arabic terms do not translate to names but rather to the days of the week.

Additionally, he asserts that the room is embellished with draperies in the style of a video studio. In their respective hostage recordings, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas have never featured a background pattern that matched.

CNN journalists were escorted by the IDF around the evacuation-matured hospital and the site on Friday.

The Israeli video was deemed “blatantly false” by Hamas and did nothing to “justify its hospital bombings.”

More than 11,000 people have been slain in Israel’s operations against Hamas, according to the health ministry in Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas. This occurred since the organization murdered 1,200 Israelis on October 7 and held approximately 240 others hostage.

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